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  • elk_1l elk_1l Jul 9, 2014 10:22 AM Flag


    Here is an example of the idiotic lies the RWNJs are happy to spread as far as they can with the hope that truth will take a while to catch up to their total stupidity or duplicity, and in the meantime, their leaders who usually know better are too intimidated by the RWNJs and the possibility of being "primaried" that they also ignore the facts:


    The Huffington Post | By Shadee Ashtari | 07/08/2014

    In a condemnatory speech last week against the Obama administration’s new Environmental Protection Agency carbon emission regulations, Kentucky state Sen. Brandon Smith (R) claimed that man-made climate change is scientifically implausible because Mars and Earth share “exactly” the same temperature.

    Smith, the owner of a mining company called Mohawk Energy, argued that despite the fact that the red planet doesn’t have any coal mines, Mars and Earth share a temperature. Therefore, Smith reasoned, coal companies on Earth should be exempt from emission regulations.

    During a Natural Resources and Environment Committee meeting Thursday, Smith, the Senate majority whip, said:

    As you [Energy & Environment Cabinet official] sit there in your chair with your data, we sit up here in ours with our data and our constituents and stuff behind us. I WON’T GET INTO THE DEBATE ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE BUT I’LL SIMPLY POINT OUT THAT I THINK IN ACADEMIA WE ALL AGREE THAT THE TEMPERATURE ON MARS IS EXACTLY AS IT IS HERE. NOBODY WILL DISPUTE THAT. YET THERE ARE NO COAL MINES ON MARS. THERE’S NO FACTORIES ON MARS THAT I’M AWARE OF.


    Although the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet has stated that the new EPA rules will not cause Kentucky to shut down any additional coal-fired power plants, state lawmakers Thursday blamed federal environmental regulations for shuttering the state’s coal mines.

    Thursday’s committee meeting was dominated by a slew of outlandish scientific claims from both Republican and Democratic climate change deniers.

    State Rep. Kevin Sinnette (D) dismissed the threat of man-made global warming by pointing out that dinosaurs survived climate change.

    “The dinosaurs died, and we don’t know why, but the world adjusted,” Sinnette said. “And to say that this is what’s going to cause detriment to people, I just don’t think it’s out there.”

    State Rep. Stan Lee (R) claimed that climate-warming trends caused by human activities -- a phenomenon backed by 97 percent of climate scientists -- are nothing more than calculated scare tactics.

    “All this stems, this carbon capture, all this other stuff, it stems back to a scare, generated years ago about global warming,” the Fayette County lawmaker said on Thursday. “Finally it turned out there hasn’t been global warming in 15 or 20 years, then they changed the name to climate change.”

    Even the committee's chairman, state Rep. Jim Gooch Jr. (D), is one of the state’s leading opponents of federal environmental regulations, going as far as to suggest in 2011 that Kentucky would secede from the union to avoid the EPA’s crackdown on mining pollution.

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    • The fact that the hoax of man caused global warming is still alive, after so many of its distortions, frauds, and faulty science have been exposed, demonstrates just how valuable a tool to power and wealth the socialist/communists/liberals see it to be. It offers them the key to controlling almost every aspect of everyone's life, and that is such a prize that their hearts hunger after that they just cannot give it up. No matter that even the NOAA admits that the U.S. has actually cooled a little over the last 10 years or so, no matter that the polar ice cap at Antarctica is growing, no matter the earth's temperature has gone through warm periods and ice ages long before we could do more than light fires , no matter that all predictions of warming disasters have failed to come true, the Left marches on with its lies and distortions because what it really wants is absolute control over everyone.

    • Have you ever seen that movie "The Live", where xray glasses reveal that aliens live amongst us? Maybe Republicans are really from Mars, and want to make Earth more like their home? I mean, obviously Earth shouldn't be the same temperature as Mars. There is something very strange about this line of thinking. Maybe they're just ALIENS! Illegal Aliens at that!

    • Like a always say, never let the truth get in the way of a good RWNJ rant.

    • Both sides "cooked the books" with their computer models-how can anyone trust what they say? Is there a set of books on the planet that hasn't been "altered" for any subject/cause/business? I don't think so. But even if you go with the 7"/decade rise-you still have to raise the parkway or it will be under water in 20 years.
      But we'll tell the jingoistic ones we did it for the view.

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        Jul 11 2014 | Mark Labbe | The Westside Story

        A new report done by the organization Climate Central predicts the impact that global warming will have on 1,001 cities worldwide. They’ve compiled an interactive map that will show just how incredibly hot it will get in these cities in the year 2100.

        If the map and data is correct, the impact that global warming will have on our weather is horrifying. Every city’s temperature will rise between 6 to 12 degrees Fahrenheit. Most cities will rise somewhere between 7 and 10 degrees, however.

        The interactive map shows that in 2100, the city of Boston, MA will be as hot as the current temperatures of Miami, Florida. Meanwhile, an already warm city like Las Vegas, NV, could get as hot as the current temperatures of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which is around 111°F.

        “Summer temperatures in most American cities are going to feel like summers now in Texas and Florida — very, very hot,” said Alyson Kenward, lead researcher of the analysis.

        While the data looks at the impact that global warming will have on temperatures, it does not look at other key statistics. Missing are the expected humidity levels, pollution levels, sea levels, and frequency of storms, for starters. Still, it is interesting (and a bit scary) to see what the temperature of your city will be like in the future.

        The map can be found at Climate Central’s website.

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      • Re: ".. Both sides "cooked the books" with their computer models-how can anyone trust what they say?"

        True to a slight extent, deme, but you are still on board with the "false equivalency" since the RWNJs do, in fact, generate 98% of the book cooking in their happy zeal for ignoring truth and just making up anything they want knowing there will be a little lag time they can take advantage of with even their most ridiculous lies before truth catches up with them.

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    • Yeah, Elk, is really sad how ignorant and backward Palin and Perry are, but the teaparty is filled with fools like them. And thats what happens to folks who have become so racist and bigoted, that all common sense and decency is thrown out the window.