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  • lonesome_polecatt lonesome_polecatt Jul 10, 2014 5:54 PM Flag

    The only upside of The Living God to being president is

    he is singlehandedly destroying the Socialist Party. The socialist up for election are avoiding The Living God like he was the plague. Henry Cuellar and Rubén Hinojosa socialist congressmen from the Rio Grande Valley, an area that is overwhelmingly Hispanic. These two socialist congressmen are actively attacking The Living God for lack of leadership on this border mess. They are trying to save their miserable political a:s:es. Why are they complaining now and not at the beginning of The Living God's first administration? The problem has been here for decades and nothing much has been done about. Now that the dam has burst, the losers are complaining trying to look like they are concerned. They are scrambling as hard as they can trying to save themselves. They have slavishly supported The Living God on everything. And now his incompetence and lack of leadership is directly affecting them they are panicking.

    This also exposes the lie that Hispanics will punish the Republicans if they do support amnesty. Most of my Hispanic friends and my wife's Hispanic relatives along the border have always been against open borders and amnesty.

    The majority of Americans hate your disastrous care act, your lies, the IRS, VA and other scandals and now the border disaster. Only the loons trust you and they not only believe every lie that comes out of you mouth but they defend them. Is it any wonder that I call them loons?

    So thank you Living God for being so inept, dishonest and disinterested in this country that you are destroying your Socialist Party.

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    • Unfortunately Obama's demonstration of how a communist/socialist governs is not destroying the power of socialists in America. It is just making them lie, obfuscate and sail under different colors, but they are still heading for the same port, a socialist command-control government that tramples on freedom and prosperity. The democratic party is full of them, although they may now pretend to be something else. Obama invited all the underage invaders we are now confronted with by issuing an unconstitutional executive order that illegal minors not be deported, which is having exactly the result he desired and intended as it fuel this current invasion. There is virtually no amount of human suffering a socialist/communist leader cannot endure as long as he is inflicting the suffering on someone else.

    • Not one loon except the idiot responded to this post. I think it is because I am right and they know it.

    • Soon him and the misses will be playing pool and tweeting as the Muslim Brotherhood rolls into town....He doesn't care....

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    • Re: ".. The majority of Americans hate your disastrous care act…"

      poleonut, you must have missed the new post:


      REPORT: 20 Million Have Gained Insurance Under Obamacare...
      Uninsured Rate Plummets...
Republicans Who Signed Up For Obamacare This Year Are Pretty Happy

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