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  • pyar_hi_pyar_ha pyar_hi_pyar_ha Aug 18, 2014 12:35 PM Flag

    ACTC about to change the face of medicine forever, we are literraly hours if not a few days away from the biggest binary event in medicine!!

    The reality of how medicine will FOREVER be turned upside down when the publication comes out seems to be lacking when all I read is we might pop to .20 or .30, and fall right back down soon after. It tells me that maybe a handful of investors truly understand the implications of 3 years of bullet proof data that will be acknowledged with the inclusion and participation of the undisputed, most prestigious ophthalmic institutions in our country and abroad, and all of the institutions sharing data in this landmark publication are being lead by the most renowned ophthalmologists in the world. When these world renowned clinicians speak to their peers, they receive their utmost respect. So what happens when the data is finally corraborated by the top 5 international best in breed eye centers?

    Let me first put this in perspective. These thought leaders are now representatives for our therapy. Their stamp of approval gives this therapy the highest standard in their respective field. Going forward, for the first time in medical history, the discussion of wet AMD in all of the future ophthalmic meetings and presentations will turn to dry AMD for 2 reasons: First, a majority of patients have dry AMD due the fact that we know that statistically the demand for treatment is 9:1 dry vs wet. Second, prior to Advanced Cell's human trials there has never been a definitive solution as far as treatment. The excitement will be palpable. Advanced Cell is offering a treatment, possibly a cure for most, and the key focus will be that the pharmaceutical industry has failed thus far, and now we are advancing medicine to the point where the body will exchange damaged cells with brand new copies of the exact cell type. This will be the first time actually prove photgraphically the damaged cells were indeed replaced with fully functional cells.

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    • lol can you get any more extreme? The biggest binary event in the history of MANKIND!

      We will be BILLIONAIRES! All of us!!


      (and yes I own shares and think ACT will do great... i just chuckle out the over-exuberance.)

    • 7 trading sessions left in August 2014, In order for September 30 RS deadline to work in conjunction with an uplist to Nasdaq, ACTC will have to release the Interim Top Line Data in high impact journal within next 7 trading sessions. I believe that data could be published in Lancet or one of the other high impact journals. I think the ITLD, RS and Uplist will be in consecutive order only days apart. I truly think we are only days away from this binary event .....

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    • Nice post

    • The Advanced Access Journalists and Media should be conducting there interviews as we speak, although they are under strict Embargo policy, some one always slip. ACTC volume and PPS will suddenly start to pick up and than there will be a very violent uptick of course right after they do one last shaking of the weak hands and than you will witness the biggest rise in PPS in history of wall street and the medicine will never be the same again, you can be a witness on the sidelines or be part of the history......................................................)

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      • ACTC should have 4 Weeks notice to prepare for events surrounding the release of the article.
        NEJM Production Process
        •Our expert manuscript editors will edit your manuscript’s English so that it will be understood by a worldwide audience of clinicians in all specialties.
        •You will be sent two sets of proofs, and the schedule for their receipt will be provided to you soon after acceptance.
        1.At the galley stage, you will discuss changes with your manuscript editor, either on the phone or by e-mail.
        2.Then page proofs will be sent, giving you one additional chance to proofread your paper.
        •The graphic arts department collaborates with authors and editors on figures, illustrations, animations and videos. If your paper has these items you will be contacted by an artist directly.
        •We will notify you of your publication date and embargo schedule four weeks prior to publication. At that time we ask authors of research articles and commentary to provide contact information for the news media.
        •Members of the news media will have access to your article and contact information one week prior to publication. They have agreed to respect our embargo schedule in exchange for this time to prepare their stories. We do not issue press releases or video news releases to our media subscribers. We welcome your academic institutions to send embargoed news releases regarding your work at this time.
        •If an article is on a fast track and/or will be published Online First, all of the same steps will be taken, but the schedule will be compressed, which may mean a shorter turn-around time for authors’ proofs and media notification.
        It is no coincidence that Dr. Paul Wotton start date was July 21, 2014, 4 weeks AUGUST 21, 2014!

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    • PYOU the Plagiarist. Clown.

    • Good points, just not his post. It is copied from another board, credit goes to someone else. Still good to have it here...

    • You have captured the minds of this message board. Nice job. Good luck to all ACTC investors.

    • One more reason the wet amd discussion will turn to dry: preventing the progression of the disease from dry to wet amd is a bit of a concern for the companies invested in the wet amd market.

      We shall see what the data hold. But you are right, imo, about the possibility of a paradigm shift being initiated by this company. Up to now we have not seen much more than anecdotal success for stem cell therapies. These data could change everything.

    • Clown

    • pyar: you write extremely well and I, basically, agree with your thesis.

      However, there is NO evidence that we are within a "few days" from your binary event.

      True, it could come tomorrow or, it could come months from now or, maybe not at all.

      We'll been waiting for about 8 months. Time to release news!!! Fish or cut bait!!!

      Of course, IMO.

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