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  • rglutz6969 rglutz6969 Aug 28, 2014 1:40 PM Flag

    Let's clear up the misinformation and confusion

    1. The stock is and has been trading but not for everyone. Each company like Scott, Ameritrade, etc.. have their own limitations on how they can access trades. It isn't right but it is what it is. Everyone will have access by this afternoon at the latest to trade, but it's already been trading.
    2. The Letter D at the end is added for any stocks that do a split or new listing. Usually stays on for awhile. I've seen most references say on average between 15-20 days.
    3. Crazy volatility this morning. So many novices trading stocks and it's apparent but the lack of knowledge by many posters with their ridiculous questions or answers. This morning, i guarantee there were people thinking they just saw ACTC rise 8000% and sold quickly. Then realized, they made a mistake. That's why the stock is normalizing around the $7.70-7.90 range.
    4. We can harp about positives and negatives all day about doing a R/S, but it's done. What's important to see, is when news will come out. Not sure if news will come out until the stock is officially uplifted. So many people panicking that there is no news yet.
    5. This management team has been diligent in making their moves in the past two months. 4 huge events have occurred: 1. Lawsuits gone 2. New CEO (the best pick possible) 3. 30 mil dollar line secured 4. And now R/S (All in the past 2 months)
    6. Next 2 months (most likely sooner) # 5. uplisting #6. News released
    7. Preferred Stock is not diluting our common stock. Everything gets reversed split, even the preferred stock that is available, but not used.
    8. Penny Stock flippers are starting to exit. Doesn't mean day-traders that are hoping for a nice pop have left. Shorting will be available soon, which will be great for this stock, since short squeezes can occur.
    9. With a R/S, institutional investors will be able to buy the stock, providing stability, and long term growth.
    10. Relax

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      Thank you rglutz6969

    • One thing you have to remember is that this company does not have any fundamentals from which to support the $8.00 price tag. It can stay $8.00 only as long as the hype lasts and not a moment longer, unless and until the news comes. I can't imagine that releasing the news after the uplist would serve any purpose at all because this stock isn't worth anything (no fundamentals) and will not last long until real news comes out. If the company knows what its doing, I can only imagine that the news will be coming virtually immediately. Remember the uplist requires a $4 or $5 maintenance value and it will get delisted if it hits $1. The company can't wait for news while it risks delisting by NASDAQ.

      The $8 is essentially the same #$%$08, but only on paper. As a penny stock, there is no fundamental value or relationship between the price and the company's value. At $8.00, there needs to be REAL support to maintain such a pricetag and the only thing that will do so is the long-awaited news, or something great that none of us has been expecting. Fingers crossed

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      • All BP's (big pharmaceuticals) have fundamental value since they sell approved products. Most biotechs do not because they mostly are in the business of developing new products and not selling already approved products.

        However, it's a major equivocation to infer from this that biotechs do not have "real" value--the equivocation is between "real" and "fundamental"--since value is tied to expectations which, by definition, are tied to the future and thus not based on current revenues. So as viewed by the investment community, ACTC's value is obviously based on their science and the products investors anticipate will be generated by that science. Equivalently, ACTC is just another classic biotech, though as rglutz6969 points out, a biotech in a pretty sweet spot.

        But as someone who owns 1,000,000 shares pre reverse slit (I read your post from early August), you already know this.

        Also, it is market cap and not price per share that ultimately matters. And market cap didn't change a bit with the reverse split, which is not to say that various market forces might not take the price down after the split because of the psychology surrounding 8.00/share vs .08/share. But you knew all this too, I'm sure.

    • Bump, one of the best posts I've seen on this board in a long time.

    • means nothing , pps should go now due to dilution / shorts / bad financials



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      • go where?

      • I don't mind contradiction but when someone contradicts without any support, material facts, or good reasoning, then you're wasting valuable forum space. Azrastulic, you have been spewing nothing but negative comments which no one takes seriously. I take it you own zero shares of this stock? You can't own any of this stock when you are so pessimistic about it. So always wondering why someone like you stays on this stock's forum then? To hope people can say how right you were if the stock happens to fall? Your the angel of death of love this type of attention? Your just a basher hoping this stock will fall so you can have the chance to get back in at a price point you missed out on and want to day trade some more? Or are you an idiot? IMO, i think you know which one i think. Peace to you too!

    • Good post - bump! I hope Keep reads this......