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  • ruggedalaskan ruggedalaskan Oct 15, 2011 1:05 PM Flag

    My take on Friday's action

    Big volume, lots of trading, large downswing. Probably just traders closing out positions for the weekend. I would look for a resume of the uptrend next week.

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    • Yes it is a positive sign that we moved up on good volume in a down market. Cool must be gaining some recognition!

    • sapplee Oct 16, 2011 11:49 PM Flag

      I agree, stephan has turned into a weirdo with some of his vulgar posts. Welcome to ignore!

    • Hi - I'm a new COOL holder. GLUU holder - But all you COOL guys posting to GLUU finally got to me - Hell, at least COOL is profitable and not overpriced relative to revenue. Anyway, my take on Friday: When it started to go down due to I am going to assume some profit taking, people panicked - like us here, wondering if there was some tidbit of news we weren't privy to - 'Oh my God, better get out! - After all I am ahead - for now!' Then it all just snowballed from there. I mean, it had a pretty darned good run. So I think it will resume its rise come Monday. This was just a glitch brought on by short-term paranoid jitters.

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      • lets put a higher substance level in....not that diametral contradicting talk from mac/davian...or that prosti liar junkie bs...

        cool was/is "the only profitable player" in the game industry in the summer q june/july---->challenge that statement and we will find out....

        forget ttwo,atvi,erts,thqi and the other crap...lets talk industry a bit...and why no dd sometimes????...

        lets see....

        you know if you have a finger i have a hole that would feel good if you like to place it there.....

        juice is a good thing when on the lips....

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