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  • majesco_majestic majesco_majestic Jan 29, 2013 4:37 AM Flag

    Management guaranteed

    a triple beat this happy longs...let me tell you that they are fed up too and got treated very badly by the company board...

    i cant see any mistake from their side except the price decrease for NBA Baller Beats...i mean, we talk one of the best games ever category...there was no need to go down with the price to 39.99 retail...infact, stupid...

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Looking more and more like .60/PPS will be within range as I previously noted....MajesticPumpTard, have you ever been correct? Baller Beats #1, Mini Putt Putt = huge revenue, Zumba #1, 6 titles in the top 100.... HAVE YOU NO SHAME? Now you are pumping a huge quarter that management already announced as a huge earnings miss by more than 50%. What is wrong with your noodle?

    • Management's statements below and this "Majestic" idiot says a "triple beat this quarter". Majestic, you are either the dumbest investor on the planet or the biggest #$%$ in the Universe...

      Fiscal 2013 Outlook
      As a result of the weakness in demand for products on legacy console platforms and uncertainty around consumer adoption of the next generation of consoles, management is modifying its practice of providing quantitative fiscal year revenue and earnings guidance. Instead, for fiscal 2013, management is presenting a qualitative assessment of its outlook for financial results.
      Based on early analysis of sell-through during the 2012 holiday season, management anticipates holiday sales will be at least 50% lower than last year. Given the Company's dependence on holiday sales, management anticipates revenue for fiscal 2013 will be significantly below fiscal 2012. Management expects to report between a modest non-GAAP EPS loss to breakeven for the first quarter of fiscal 2013 and a loss for the full year of fiscal 2013.

    • M_M I have watched this stock fall from $3+ to 0.60, all the while you are cheering COOL on likes its heading for $10 a share,what gives with you ? Did you not see the future with COOL ..
      Im long here now but Ill be out by 0.80 ...
      I picked up Baller Beats for $30 ,Im going to give it away as a gift in a few weeks..

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      • ""stock fall from $3+ to 0.60""

        -- weird by all metrics. Imo, it is because their investor relations/finance dept has been stupid and ingnorant...i know because we had a big argument with them because of that..

        the ir director todd greenwald is gone...the 2 new girls from LHA New York should be kicked out out too in case the pps does not explode...with the triple beat to be announced shortly i suspect they have learned something by now...high time....i mean, 2012 was great, but poorly communicated

        Gifting a game of the best game ever category is always a good idea

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