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  • grleroy grleroy Jan 30, 2013 11:15 PM Flag

    What is COOL going to do with $20 million in the bank ?

    Quit the talk of BK ,its not going to happen ....COOL has enough money to last for years...
    They struck out with Wrestling,Twister,Basketball...Maybe they should just stick to exercise games and be more conservative with the money they have in the bank..

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    • Unfortunately, the exercise games aren't always a hit either. That Harley Pasternak game was a flop too. Mama is gone and Zumba has had its time. Flea Symphony, Idol (which I don't even know if it's still in pipe), will do nothiing.

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      • current ytd 2013 ranking of zumba old in the top 100 all games usa is:

        z1 wii #28
        z1 xbox #36
        z2 wii #34

        better than 2012

        also, z core is doing much better....mama is active, flea symphony paid version is better charting than the free version around the globe, being in the top music charts....we just moved development American Idol next to the freemantle location, our partner....just think in categories like family, kids and women...nothing can go wrong there....

    • hopefully hold onto it..............that being said they need to stay away from these kinect games they are too niche. they can do it for games like zumba as kinect was designed for a dance type game. they need to capitalize as much as they can from the zumba brand and keep new content coming all the time for that in the form of dlc's and new games only if they can improve upon the other and provide new songs. you don't want the zumba fans getting bored with the brand. i actually worked a zumba event last year. thousands of fans would spend hours waiting in line to buy zumba branded clothes at discounts, with the goal of reselling the clothes in their classes. i'm not sure how much of those events cool benefits from but they're definitely a good idea and from what i saw, they had very passionate fans. these zumba instructors would take classes to learn new dance moves to teach in their classes.

      the baller beats was a bad concept from the get go. I think they did a good job with the game from the reviews i've read people love it. but just the fact it's kinect based and requires bouncing a basketball indoors repeatedly for extended periods of time sounds like a bad idea (you really think parents want to hear that lol..). just the setup alone to play it means you need a lot of open space, a hard floor, forget carpeted living rooms. they've excluded half the living rooms that have an xbox right off the bat and forget it if you live in an apartment. and being as most gamers play in their bedrooms, it was common sense that sales would be very low.

      True the xbox 360 has about run it's course but i don't see that as a reason to abandon it. the xbox 360 is in so many households many are not going to upgrade for a few more years even after a new console comes out.

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      • nice to read a reasonable thought among all the nonsense....kinect is not niche though...its small (mil 20 units out of mil 70 total) but the fastest growing consumer electronic device ever (google it)...also, the kinect is required for interactive casual gaming...

        the xbox will continue to make its run, simply because the x720 is 2014 and msft will continue to push...agree that consumer adaption will be slower in the future, simply the reason to abandon it will be weaker...tha is a clear positive

        Q4 xbox growth, just reported by cool, was 200%, driven by Baller year 2012 xbox growth was 50%....the xbox growth for cool Q1/2013 we will now in 5 weeks when the next earnings are announced...

        overall, only a small fraction of the xbox is games.....

        happy hunting
        i love my cool

    • if you count the cash of the factorbankaccount in, you come up with mil$ should further increase this quarter....imo, they should buyback some shares (mil 10), either for cancellation or for most unlikly though because the just stated that they want to preserve it...

      happy hunting
      i love my cool

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