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  • majesco_majestic majesco_majestic Mar 1, 2013 12:34 AM Flag

    Team, our feb performance

    February is over...time to measure our wait instruction, "buy/add only well below 60c", all were requested to wait...and wait....

    ignoring the last 3 days all of february had a pps of +60c intraday,....even yesterday we saw 57c....bottom line our instruction was single team request to add was approved under 55c....all others have been requested to stay out and wait...and wait

    well...our instructions were perfect...all that followed the teamrule did behave correctly...we take that with pride and honor....we are the best, a winning team

    Congrats to ALL...well done

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    • Team, another one of our predictions were 100% correct....nobody shorted a single share....check nasdq shorting in the 60cishs in feb, no change in neglectable short data....what does that tell us?...absolutely no shorting going on...there are no shorts in our coolgoldmine and that will not change...all are longs, holders and hugeeee waiting crowd...

      btw, i noted some personal deficiencies in the team, almost personal assaults...relax and get yourself back on track...we go for big $$$$ case there are any questions on business, the company please adress them...we are a very open team ensuring we ALL are on the same page...a winning team

      we love our coolgoldmines

    • Team, btw, somtimes carbone was suspected to violate the such I personally gave him the advise "you should not try to will lose....100% guaranteed..."

      bottom line all teamplayers should be fine....well done....

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