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  • tylerdirten00 tylerdirten00 Jun 13, 2013 8:54 PM Flag

    New Releases in time or have to split to avoid delisting?

    What is the opinion of the board. Are the new releases going to drive the stock above 1$ or is the company going to be forced into a reverse split? Does anyone know if being delisted hurts the company or just the stock? I'm am just wondering if Majesco is modivated to avoid delisting.

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    • They have Phineas and another Zumba game, so there's nothing between now and six months from now that could drive the stock above 1$. COOL needs a miracle or a reverse split.

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      • You are a straight up liar!!! phineas and ferb launches in August and the new Zumba launches in August and Justice League launches in September. This will clearly be over $1 in Early September and over $2 as we get closer to holiday. I am 100 percent confident this will triple to quadruple by the end of the year. Not buying a position here will be a very big mistake. Go tell your lies and nonsense on another board. All the people who wanted to buy their position telling everyone that this would be 45 cents after earnings knew what they were talking about. Riiiiiiighhtt. ....

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