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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Aug 21, 2002 8:49 PM Flag

    PPE ruins single-deck Blackjack

    The first single-deck blackjack games that pay 6:5 to a player who gets a blackjack appeared, by my experience, in Park Place venues.

    As a holder of 1000 Park Place shares, it hurts me to say this but... these games should be avoided in favor of double-deck or single-deck games which pay the player fully for their blackjacks.

    PPE dealers pooh-pooh the rule by pointing out how infrequently players get blackjacks. The reality is that a player can expect almost 5 BJs per each 100 hands dealt and, when betting $10 per hand, this can amount to losing out on $15 to $25 PER HOUR!

    PPE can earn solid returns in the pits without resorting to poor-quality games that lead to a poor-quality image. It simply requires well-run pits with vigilent supervisors. PPE should compete on the basis of an image of offering quality games... THATS the kind of company I want to own.


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    • I have heard many people complain about the single deck blackjack which pays 6/5 for naturals;

      Personally, I have no problem with it.

      Reason being, no experienced and knowlegable blackjack player will play these games......the inexperienced players will...thinking they get an edge cause its only one deck. Fantastic! I dont want those players at my table anyway! Let them practice on these games instead!

      I dont notice anyone complain about the slot machines......Nickle slots tend to have a hold of about 9%, much more then any blackjack game. Nobody has a problem with the roulette table, which has NO chance of beating it.......

      Like anything else in life, if you dont do your homework, expect to fail. Those who have done they're homework, know not to play the single deck games....... Those who havent, boost the bottom line so I can get more n more comps while I win because I did do my homework.

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      • I'm no blackjack wizard but I do know that you look for small decks and good rules. After the 6:5 game experience, a guy explained why to a group of us in the Restaruant at Ballys.

        Basically, the fewer decks, the fewer pairs you get and the more different value cards you get. A blackjack is 2 different cards that you want more of since it pays the player 50% more. When you double a 6/5, you want color, not another 6 or 5.

        I don't think PPE should be experimenting with games that screw the player because, long after the experiment is over, the company will suffer from it's diminished image in the eyes of players. I think it's a big mistake to try to build a quality image with a place like Caesars Palace and then smack it down with a reputation for poor-quality games.

    • If you want bitch, email Wally BARR, COO. He is MAN. It is his show.

      Question: did you win??

      Good luck

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