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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Feb 16, 2003 1:11 AM Flag

    Recognizing bad Blackjack

    With all the different games and rules in the game of Blackjack, I'm often asked how one can tell if a game is good for the player. There are many considerations but if one follows these 3, basic rules, you're most of the way there:

    1. Always play a game with as few decks as
    possible (reason: fewer pairs.. substantial
    increase in player's odds)

    2. Never play a game where certain valued
    cards are removed from the deck (eg:
    Spanish 21) or where all player blackjacks
    are not paid time-and-a-half (1.5 to 1)
    (reason: big edge to the house no matter
    what rules they change to make it seem

    3. Never play against a machine that doesn't
    allow the players to cut the deck before
    dealing (reason: maximum clumps of like
    cards lower odds and intensify streaks).

    good luck!

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    • Also try to avoid games where the dealer hits soft seventeen. These games are getting common.

    • Amen to your post. The casinos (especially the ones in Las Vegas) don't seem to be satisfied with the inherent advantage they have in the game of blackjack. So they are trying to get blackjack players to inferior games where they have an even larger advantage. Players should beware of this and refuse to play any game other than the traditional hand shuffled games of blackjack. Don't give your money away needlessly.

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      • is the new, single-deck games that don't pay players 1.5 (eg: time-and-a-half) when they get a blackjack. These games jack the house's edge up by almost a full percent!! They're appearing all over Vegas now and they are real cash cows for the gaming companies.

        Avoid these games FIRST AND FOREMOST!!!

        NEVER play a game that doesn't pay your blackjacks off at a full 1.5 times your bet!

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