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  • mmmparsley mmmparsley Aug 29, 2013 2:20 AM Flag

    You guys are way too pessimistic...

    This company has the patents and the ownership of unique quality control and efficiency-creating scientific instruments that allow manufacturers and service providers to be efficient in their work and eliminate waste.

    This is exactly where you want to put your money in the long run; in an unloved company that is ignored and forgotten about which has products that have the potential to increase sales over the long term. Value creation doesn't happen overnight. Scooping up your shares here.

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    • Ok we all know that management here isn't the greatest and operating results are anything but consistent. But.. it is an instrument company and the key will come down to whether or not someone can fold this into their infrastructure - of they want to fold it in.. I wouldn't be surprised if we have someone dumpting - remember the Mutual fund tax year is a bit sooner than the individual tax year - so I see in the last 9 days nearly 140K have moved.. I. suspect the bottom will be in place by the end of the quarter.. Look you ask where the insiders are - take a look back at then EVP and now CEO purchases - he bought all the way up to $6+ and down into the $2. They are shell shocked!

    • Your opinion is as valid as anyone else's, though it would be bolstered if management/directors themselves were in the market buying stock at these "low" prices. It's the trend line sequential quarterly deterioration in both operating income and inventory buildup over the last four quarters I find troubling, along w/the burning of cash. I think they may end up feeling backed into a corner to invest heavily in expanding Xact and make it an all-or-none bet. It could work if they do that, or I should say, it better work.

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      • In particular the last quarter's results ,i.e. margins, were a killer. Feels like a mountain of stock still for sale w/bigger size almost always showing up on the Ask side of the Bid/Ask spread. Likely not all of the stock available for sale is even being shown in such a low float stock so as not to #$%$ the market.

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