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  • watashiwa11 watashiwa11 Jul 22, 2004 3:43 PM Flag

    -->|| Inmigracin ||<-- Squeeze!!!!


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    • If you think Kerry closer to Clinton than Carter you are crazy. Kerry is from Massachusetts, the most liberal state, and has the most liberal voting record in entire SEnate over multi-year extended period.
      Clinton is from Southern state, grew up in Southern state, and very moderate. You haven't checked Kerry's voting record. Kerry is more liberal than Carter by good amount. There is a reason Kerry won't say his position on issues. You vote for him--you see where the market and the economy and national security goes.
      and by the way you slander Bush. He didn't cause 9/11 and NAS bubble--but he has had to deal with it. Not one terrorist attack in US in 3 years now speaks for itself. And that in face of 2 wars, extreme attacks on those nuts, and them doing everything possible to launch attack on us. But still haven't been able to. You give Bush no credit for anything. Just try to blame.

    • What!? First, Bush only cares about money and power. If you cannot see that then your ego about having a conservative Republican in office is standing in the way. I am no Kerry lover, but he is closer to Clinton than he is to Jimmy Carter. Totally different economy these days anyway, low inflation, lower jobless rate.

      Fact is that I am an Independent, I think for myself before I vote and do not need a liar and theif in office. Bush has not done us justice from the moment he stepped into office and before with the election. If you cannot see that then I am wasting my valuable time.

    • I vote Bush too. You people vote Kerry better be selling short. You weren't here for Jimmy Carter. Wait until round 2. Kerry most liberal voting record in entire Senate. You want UN look after US security? Yeah, they will have US best interest in mind sure.
      If US wanted Iraq oil just needed to go take after Kuwait war. WAlked away. Walking away from it now again. You people will believe anything. Don't care facts, don't care history. Just want to go listen to nut Michael Moore.

    • Don't tell me you are going to vote for Bush???

      They really do have you all brainwashed with the irrational Clinton hate and now onto Kerry.

      Anyone but Bush IMHO, would be a vast improvement.

    • hahahaahahaaa you are an idiot, Kerry voter! hahahahahhahah, i guess you guys flock together, idiots!

    • i refuse to talk to a kerry voter because you are an automatic idiot!

    • Sure you were being sarcastic, go look in a mirror and laugh more.

    • you must be the stupidest person ever, read the message, i was being sarcastic with whom I was speaking too, he said he bought it when it was 15 and continue to hold, I told him he bought it at 15 and I shorted at 49! again you are a shit face hahahaahahahaaa
      you make me laugh.

    • Exactly, it was for oil, now shut up and vote for kerry!

    • If weren't for him that nut Saddam still in Iraq. He already try to kill one US president Bush's father. Also kill many of own people. He doesn't need be in power over all that oil and with all that money. Good for Bush.

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