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  • billf0002 billf0002 Oct 14, 2011 2:09 PM Flag

    nothing but regret

    last Friday I bought the nov 85 calls fro $5.70

    made $1 on Monday when I sold - thought I got lucky because the options were not responding to the stock move and SINA could not break through the previous day's high - figured another mover lower, etc

    today with the gap up those options traded above $17 - literally left ten times my tiny gain behind

    makes me sick how stupid I am and how I get played by this stock friggin everytime

    then again, I could have bought those same options with the sell off on Wed for what I sold them at

    no matter what I do, it seems I get played the fool by SINA

    btw I gave back Monday's gain and more with a short trade that blew up in my face yesterday

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    • Everybody has something to regret for. But, every trade is a gamble, although an educated gamble. More mistakes will be made as long as we continue to trade the market. So, don't take it too seriously.
      I placed a limit order of 93.6 to sell my shares during regular hours yesterday. But, the price proved to be too high. Then, Google's good earnings let me sell SINA close to 95 afterhours yesterday. I wanted to buy SINA back today. I placed my limit orders at 89.5. Unfortunately, it didn't reach it although very, very close. I kicked myself for not placing the order at 89.6 or even 90. I'll look for some opportunities next week.
      Earnings season again, a lot of speculators are willing to buy stocks, so be careful shorting.
      Reserve your shorts until the earnings season is over.

    • Bill, feel your pain man, shorted 3K Sina when it was up 7.5% yesterday thinking it would eventually drop. Went from being down 10K to 20K, then to angry to sell and got my face ripped off covering some in the afterhours too. This is the reason this POS went up 20% yesterday. Short 250K worth, and they'll take your lunch money and your milk money too. No stock goes up 20%, unless your in the iPhone 4s. Sina, last I check wasn't in there. Manipulators. But I'll make it back over the next month or two. Learned a great lesson though.

    • been there; done that. market is like poker, got to expect some bad beats. you lose money - you are upset. you make money & stock still runs higher, you get upset. got to be happy with *any* gain.

      last week I was shortting 4k of RIMM @ 24, covered at 23.50. It went to 23 and I got upset, so I tried to short some more, got burned and had to cover at 24. Since I wasn't satisfied with my 2k gain, I took a 2k loss instead :) lesson learned.

    • corcoranrick Oct 14, 2011 2:14 PM Flag

      Thanks for being honest...We all have those trades and it makes you sick until you make another good trade to go out and make one and get back on the horse!

      Sina will have more upside suprises with minor pullbacks here and there.

      NOBODY saw an annoucement that the government is backing Sina coming so don't kick yourself too hard.

      Never be short Sina overnight...Short it intraday like today but she is ready to fly now that a big cloud has been cleared away.

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