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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Jan 21, 2008 8:55 PM Flag


    Correction: HLIT earnings announcement is a week from tommorow.

    Time to lure a few more shorts into the trap, I'd say. Tomorrow they will be killing themselves to get inside the snare. In a week they will have to kill themselves to get out...

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    • this is a brainstorm.

      The two approaching to getting us through this economic downturn are (a) help the consumer, (b) stimulate new businesses.

      My brainstorm is realizing that what we need is new, different jobs to replace the jobs such as car building that are going away. That means we need new businesses, and the entrapreneurs are likely to start businesses they think will succeed in the new times.

      We don't need to be propping up our old economy.

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      • It is difficult to tell American the fact that their old jobs are not coming back especially when high school dropouts are expecting jobs for life from GM, Ford, Chrysler, etc. We have American thinking that being a grocery clerk is a career and that s/he should be considered 'middle class'. It is going to be extremely difficult for us to invent new industries, create more jobs and improve the economy like we did in the past since major school districts around the country is trying to hit 50% high school graduation rate. There are towns and provinces in India where the college graduation rate is over 80%. Guess where the next innovation is going to come from.

        It's even worst when the politicians are dancing around this subject telling the voters what they want to hear. We have Romney telling auto workers from Michigan that he will bring the jobs back. What a load of craps. We have Clinton telling home owners in Las Vegas that the government should freeze interest rates for five years because these people bought homes they can't afford. We all can hear the sucking sound of capitals being pulled out of this country if she ever win and implement this particular policy.

        What the heck ever happened to personal responsibility? What ever happened to study hard, work hard, take risks and live well? It seems that this country is full of people who complain, don't want to work hard, dont want to try hard, and constantly looking around for someone to blame.

        I wish that I am so wrong on this. I love this place. It's still the best place in the world to live, work and raise a family. Just hope we wont fck it up somewhere down the road.

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