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  • smoothinvestorguy smoothinvestorguy Mar 11, 2008 7:08 PM Flag

    244K Block on the ask...

    I wrote earlier today about what shareholders can do to possibly force a short squeeze on stocks with VERY small floats.

    #1. You can demand delivery of your stock certificates. Unfortunately, this would require all the big guys to call in their certs, which would never happen with HLIT. But hypothetically, if every investor demanded delivery of their certs, this could force a major squeeze.

    #2. GET OUT OF MARGIN. Short players like me short stocks that are highly margined by retail investors. Hypothetically, if everyone in HLIT got OUT OF MARGIN, and into CASH ONLY, this could possibly force a squeeze.

    #3. Set your exit price HIGH on a GTC (good until cancelled). Hypothetically, if everyone put in an order at say $60 or above, and left it alone, this could also have an affect.

    Problem is, you really need all three scenario's to happen all at once to force a squeeze. I doubt that would ever happen with HLIT...but doing each of the steps above certainly won't HURT either.

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