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  • sunwyboy sunwyboy Jun 26, 2000 1:34 AM Flag

    HLIT will have to show it can overcome

    the ATT thing and continue to grow the top and
    bottom line. I think the Divi deal will help with this
    over time but it may take a quarter or two to make
    believers out of the boys on Wall Street. Right now they
    are so in love with SDLI, ETEK, JDSU, CIEN, and GLW
    that they are not giving HLIT the time of day. HLIT
    will have to continue to show that they are worthy of
    the attention they are now not getting. I am still a
    believer as long as they can continue to raise the bar
    each quarter. If revenues flatten out and they cannot
    produce the growth then all we have here is another 3Com
    that will always be in the shadow of someone else and
    never be a great performer


    Long and holding for two more quarters at least.

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    • You were blindsided by the market, and you were
      blindsided by the analysts (Cowen lowering rating with the
      stock at 38, but maintaining a 90.00 target- 135% is
      not good enough for a strong buy), but you have not
      yet been blindsided by HLIT. Tomorrow, as the meeting
      progresses we will know more.

    • oh and screw you and your cocky ass. I have every
      right to whine. This fucker blindsided me but good. I
      am so tempted to do as you suggest but I will hold
      through the quarter and see if we can turn the corner.

    • the simple fact is, this market is not going to
      be around forever. As it makes the next move up, the
      same companies that Wall Street is in love with will
      be the same companies that outperform. That is the
      undeniable truth. The market is in love with the companies
      mentioned because they are exceeding expectations and have
      analysts convinced there is more of the same to come.

      So when the market makes a real turn (and it will)
      for an extended trip down it won't much matter what
      your invested in, if your stubborn enough to stay in
      equities. You are going to suffer like you have never
      suffered. Sure the stock market over time has outperformed
      money investments but people who have pulled out at the
      onset of a bear market have outperformed exponetially
      over those that toughed it out. I hope I can get whole
      during the next leg up because I tend to think that will
      be the last leg up. and I'm talking about a real leg
      up, as in NDX 6500. That'll prolly be close to the
      top for the next 3 years. Then the bottom will prolly
      be NDX 2500 before going to 10 bills at the close of
      the decade. Will HLIT outperform TQNT, JDSU, SDLI,
      NXTL, VSTR, NOK, NT, CSCO, SUNW. It's not off to a very
      good start.

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