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  • dowmoneyus dowmoneyus Mar 26, 2010 11:55 AM Flag

    Jesus C, the shorts loading up on CAGC

    on every uptick before earnings. Will it be a treat or will CAGC shock them with another 100% rise in Profits YOY

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    • Hey... no bashing. At some point he will figure out that CGA is the better investment. We don't want it to be awkward for him when he does. Cheers!

    • Would you please leave our lord's name out of your messages. Thanks

    • Since this post, me thinks futureent might be screwed if he is still in Med school and studies there are hard as he does on stock evaluations.

    • wow. an emotional rant response. i think i will not waste any more time with you either. you obviously have made up your mind and will NEITHER provide published data to back up your claims nor accept data that supports a different point of view. that makes YOU lazy. good luck with your picks. feel free to go back to your buddies so you can continue feeding yourselves with ZERO useful data. only anecdotes that will lose you money.

    • Based on what happened with YONG a few weeks ago after their release, I think CAGC shorts should keep their positions and wait for 20, or lower, to settle. The company has already stated on their February press release that they have outstanding warrants issued to the Carlyle group. Here is the excerpt from CAGC's press release:

      "Preliminary 2009 unaudited annual net income attributable to common shareholders (excluding non-cash charge as a result of issuance of warrants to Carlyle Group) increased by 82% to approximately $15.7 million compared with audited net income of $8.6 million in 2008. This is in line with the Company's higher revised guidance for net income of $15.6 million for the 2009 year".

      The tidbit in parentheses bit YONG investors a few weeks back who thought that the street accepts 'adjusted' earnings as a replacement to 'true' earnings. With the explosive uptick on CAGC's PPS, those warrants are going to be a HUGE liability on the annual filing.

      CGA, on the other hand, is the steady mover with a clean growing balance sheet. IMHO, CGA is the solid bet of the three (YONG, CGA, CAGC). In a few years, CGA will probably own CAGC and YONG.

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      • stinky, you're quite ignorant about CAGC and YONG if you think CGA is going to own them. CGA has the lowest sales of YONG and CAGC and imo on the wrong track with their $38 mil R&D facility. Add on top of that with CGA's 141+ products and you have a company mired in confusion. YONG will do $150 mil in sales in 2010 and what is CGA projecting $49 mil. A big give away is that CGA's sales are not seasonal and basically the same each quarter since farmers don't rely on their products for the peak growing season between April through September.

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