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  • lewisz88 lewisz88 Sep 8, 2010 1:25 PM Flag

    Investor Relations is confident.... news coming???

    For a Chinese stock, news could come out anytime (like CHNG) to burn the shorts into ash or frustrate the longs further.

    Check CHNG, two huge spikes after terrible sell-off. For what? Problem solved, articles turned bullish and short covered. Sometimes the market is that simple.

    Back to CGA, who is getting nervous next?!

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    • Looks like it was the longs that were very nervous. Kept posting bullish calls on message board while the stock moves in the other direction.

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      • coming from the genuis who was pumping CAGC, that's quite a laugh. Go back to your home ec class.

      • If you knew how to read a CHART, or had a platform with Live-Charts, you would see how idiotic that sounds.

        This is a Day-Traders dream, as they're out in full force today. Flipped it twice today holding at the close yesterday. This is due another dip to shake out the Day-Traders which one needs to keep an eye on Volume.

        Volume has been huge the past 7 days. Just a matter of time before they make the shorts pay to cover.

        What Nut Shorted this umder $9?? That's when the majority covered, including myself, and went long.

        ROOKIES, let's give it another go tomorrow?? LOL

        With Rodman's convention on Monday, volume within the Chinese Small-caps should pick up next week.

        Congrats to my followers, as I called this months ago when it hit $8.20, the climb to $12, and bottom again under the Gap which has currently filled. Playing out to a T. Ride it up, and Ride it down!! IMO GL

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