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  • pjhatbpi pjhatbpi Aug 25, 2011 4:27 PM Flag

    My optimism for BTUI is gone

    I have followed the stock for some time and felt it offered a great value. With the global debt crisis and govts around the world on the ropes, there seems to be little stomach for supporting solar. Technology is hurting too. No comment about nuclear. Add it all up and I have no hope for BTUI avoiding the return to 2009 prices.

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    • I got very lucky with BTUI and dumped a ton of it around $10. Been in and out of the stock for years. Recently been buying back at $5 and down an initial position. While I think near-term, there is no catalyst for a major move up, it is a solid company in solar, electronics, and nuclear, and shouldn't be trading at its ev/s ratio. If you can hold it for at least 18-24 months, I can't see how it doesn't get back to $8-10 once the solar glut thins out. Buy low/sell high. Also, someone may just buy the whole company.