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  • kc_granite kc_granite Aug 24, 2012 1:41 PM Flag

    Form S-3 ?

    Any ideas of why BTUI is filling a S-3 for up to $22M in securities? It says for "working capital" or "acquisitions".
    It's not like BTUI is cash poor, and their valuation is not very high right now, so I couldn't see using new shares for acquisitions. Any ideas?


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    • Poor BTUI is in a sorry state. Market is at 3 yr highs and BTUI is at multi year lows. Hard to say what they plan? I believe at some point solar will come back, but do not know if it will help BTUI when it does. The question is how does one position BTUI to be a viable and growing concern ... solar was their answer, which sadly did not last more than a few quarters.