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  • alttle_brdie_told_me alttle_brdie_told_me Jan 11, 2002 4:28 PM Flag

    WHAT HAS HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I haven't been posting for awhile, well back when we posted about things that really were about company issues. It seems that we have I a major attack of the short bus to school people of society. Its a shame that this board has turned into this. I don't mind bashing biglots but always back it up with numbers and what I think will resolve the issues. NOT JUST BLOW HOT AIR. I bet hardly any of these new posters could read a P&L let alone run a business. So I say anyone who can't take your business elswhere!!!!!

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    • We to have an assi. mgr that has others do his work and is very rude to everyone...we sent cards in but never got a reply..

    • Look at the bright side....we could be in K-Mart's shoes

    • No one cares you idiot! Go get an education!!!

    • Someone did bite them off! Now take them out of your mouth and give them back to me!!!!

    • Actually, Interferonious and Birdie no longer work for BLI. Correct me if I'm wrong. However, they do offer legitimate insight due to HAVING worked for BLI. This is not to say that others posting on this board, both customers and associates do not offer this insight in my opinion. They most certainly do. I'm liking that we seem to be back on track with discussing store issues instead having to filter out all the rancor that has enveloped us for the last month or so from folks that I'm not so sure really had any knowledge of BLI. But that, as has been so pointedly written here, is the reason that we have a 'public' board. I don't agree with some of the posts that were more intent on gaining attention through vulgarity instead of BLI info. That's just my opinion and I shouldn't get ripped. I just think we should be discussing the good and bad of BLI instead of threatening to come over and bitchslap and calling each other whores 'cause it looks cool to the poster, whatever his/her age.

      Our company shouldn't be judged on the basis of one or 2 idiots. It should be judged on the basis of many idiots! The 'key' person you referred to was probably a 'key carrier', which is a management position. He may have been the "Manager on Duty" at the time you asked him, Versatile_6, which at that time would be the manager of the store until an Asst. Mgr or the Manager came to work. Rudeness doesn't fly at any time. BLI has always emphasized customer service to the associates, however, the filter down process has been lacking a key ingredient which is hard to put my finger on. Ever since I started, I've felt like my job has been on the line every single day. This leads to a big emphasis on the stress of customer service while juggling the need to make a profit. Customers like to argue here with the knowledge that corporate is on the other side of town and one phone call away. So we seem to always have an edge at work and it carries over to hourly associates. Maybe this isn't the case out in the country stores, but in Columbus and probably other cities I think it is.

      On the good side, 99%+ customers in my store seem to be pretty pleased with how they are treated. We still have good or great deals, just not enough of them. I don't have an answer to when we'll have a better product line and more in stock for our ads. It would certainly foster better customer service to have more ad items in stock the day after the ad.

      Back to customer service, the Store Manager is ultimately in charge of keeping everyone on the same page. I can say that we have one very poor customer oriented person in my store and everyone of us in management has failed in correcting this. There are many hoops to jump in order to terminate someone these days. There's lots of frivolous lawsuits just waiting to happen when someone is terminated, even justly terminated. I strongly urge customers who get bad service to write or call the corporate office in Columbus. The only disclaimer I put on that is that the complaint has to be legitimate. I don't think it's legitimate to complain about a Manager who says "no" to you on a switched price tag, or a request for a lower price on a damaged box, or a rain check(we don't have them) get the picture. That's part of our job.

      Sorry this is so long winded - too much java!!

    • I guess you could say I settled. I at one time had a good job with good benfits working full-time but chose to give that up to stay at home a raise a family.
      When this part-time job opened up it was just what I wanted to get me out of the house, that was 9 years ago.
      I am just a part-time employee at a store, an what gets me is the waste I see in this company. I know other associates who need the benfits and the hours and I hurt for them.
      It does not take a genius to see, just some plain common sense and some communication.
      And by the way we have to pay 10 cents a copy...copy machine would sure be nice...

    • excuse me, if anyone here has a poor public apparence, you should look into a mirror and take a hard look at life as you know it and get a "LIFE" You guys sound to me like you are upper mgmt in this company and are not willing to conform with the times! Retail changes everyday, you guys like this company refuse to change with the times and want everyone to follow in your footsteps, I for one will NOT!! Caroltagus and dsmith have hit a sore subject with this company. I have visited a few stores around this area. I have asked the same question. I found that there was a guy saying he was the mgr of the store (he was rude as hell) come to find out, he was what bli call a key person associate or something. I found out that he was promoted to another store where I visited and he was now an acting asst mgr. No names mentioned here, but he has very poor customer service skills, BLI still chose to promote this arragant employee! What gives?? Solve this problem, not an imaginary widget!! I rest my case, and as an immature person says: "This company sucks!"

    • This company need to have more compassion with all of it's employees. Sounds like they have a lot of issues to work on like, training. I've visited a BLI store and there is a lack of common sense with customer service. I had asked for some help and an employee told me they were too busy and I had to find the item myself. This is a great issue to explore and figure out a way for upper mgmt to help! dsmith you are right with the communication problems with this company!

    • No I am not going to tell you to quit, sounds like to me you are at least smart enough to know reality with big lots. I don't understand though why you put up with it? All the issues you pointed out are 100% legit, even more they are all issues created from 300 and left for you the stores to take care of. You mentioned the huddle meetings. Its funny but when we used to enter the store in the morning on wednesdays we had a memeber of management, bookkeeper, stocker, thats all. At usually 8:45 a cashier would come in. There is not hardly any store with the hours to actually utilize these huddle meeting. The other thing that humors me is I was told that we couldn't have a copier in the store, but yet they say before you send anything to 300 you should copy it. Go down to staples, office depot, something of that nature. Oh I could go on. I will say one thing though. I respect your intelligence but think your self esteem should use a little work. Sounds as if you have settles for less than what you are worth.....

    • Like Stone Cold Steve Austin Says What!!!!!!!!!! What!!!!!!!!!!! What!!!!!!!!!!!! What!!!!!!!!!!!!
      What kind of trash is that What!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      HA HA HA HA HA

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