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  • cobrasvt6 cobrasvt6 Feb 7, 2002 12:57 AM Flag

    dress code

    I work at a store and the manager dresses in shorts, yes shorts. There are a lot of complaints from customers concerning his lack of dress attire and his lack of customer service? These are concerns from consumers who are wondering if the lack of dress code will affect their level of service. As an employee, I would have to agree with the general consumer, due to the lack of responsibility from the store model, the manager.

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    • Now I know who you really are! I'm going to out you! Your that Summa Cum Laude graduate from the Jeff Skilling School of Accounting. And those rumors are untrue about your BLI board membership! I truly know you are a BLI Corporate counsel, ( the hired one ) and a memeber of Arthur Anderson's board, but don't worry, I won't tell anyone! No one else could cook and distort as well as you! But hey, 80% probably bought that 2% crap, and the rest, at the next stock holders meeting, the 20% will are the ones to be feared, we know better than that ENRON-breath!

    • Hey Surferdue.....Yeah everything is cool...My just telling him that dont let birdie get to him! everythings cool

    • Calling these guys losers is paying them a compliment. They are on ignore and will have to be reincarnated to haunt my board again. I thought BLI acted very well today considering it's awesome upmove in recent days. WMT also showed that it may be ready to roar today.

    • Hey dude, I'm surfing you right to ignore. I love the quiet boards.

    • Anytime Datanurd...Anytime!!!!!!!!!!!! Please post whatever you want to write! Dont let any losers keep you down!

    • I agree! Managers should have an open line of communication!

    • Thank you for your comments. The board will be quieter for me now that the SOB is on ignore. I love it.

    • Also, since I am not an investor in your category, I am going to put you on ignore. I don't have the time to read your diatribes of nothingness

    • You sound like a short to me. Sorry, Charlie, but BLI is only going up from this juncture. If you don't know what put Kmart out of business, then you are a retail ignoramous. Kmart never had advertised items and, thus, shoppers gave up on them long ago. Give the customer what he/she needs at a fair price and facilitate their shopping experience. It is not difficult dude. Who's side are you on. I'm up 35% on BLI. Imagine what I could do if I were an investor. Then there are the 17k shares of PVN bought below three. They probably don't wear shirts at PVN, either.

    • The more post of yours that I read makes me think you might be one of the stupid jerks that thought of "Get Real".
      Any way guess what, we got a memo from corporate for a new survey for February 11 through the 18ths for us little folks in the hourly ranks to rate our working conditions. And guess what they never gave our Manager a number for us to use. Guess they don't really want to know.
      Oh this company cares so much...we don't even know who our hr person is and it would do know good if we did.
      And to the person who replyed to you about no one in the ranks whats to move up...he is right,we see exactly what the manager has to put up with...and what he is given to work with.

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