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  • twin2s11 twin2s11 Oct 13, 2003 1:10 PM Flag

    how to

    You know I have been reading some of your grip's about how you are treated at this company. I sent an e-mail to the company regarding your situation. They contacted me and sent a place for your concerns."
    I sent an e-mail to one of the analysis that cover's this company. You can do this also. Just posting on the board will do you no good. You need to find a better way.

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    • Just wanted to leave a nice message about the management at the Stuart, Florida store number 555. He is very helpful and pleasent. Have not shopped in any other Big Lots with such ambition to help the customer and hope this somemhow get back to him. I just bought a very large purchase and he was more than helpful in not only helping me find what I was looking for but also loading my truck so that I did not have to lift a thing. Very nice store and will be back!!!!

    • I do understand what you are saying. And you are right about Eblin, he was the one person who you could talk confidence...and know he would check out what you said and if true would do something about it. To bad there is no one like him in charge of LP now. Oh well!

      As to the salaries of the guys at the top..well it is against company policy to discuss other employees salaries...and I do still work here. I will say who ever is looking into in the right area for looking...and since I can not comment on them I will not. The person looking into them should not disclose company information such as this type! I would not like to this information in print on this board even though it is PUBLIC INFORMATION and COULD BE FOUND by anyone who knows where to look.

      Have a nice day.

    • Well,,,Guess it makes no difference what goes on at the top,, I know you all are just are trying to survive in this world. What comes down from the top to the DM,, to you,, is just part of life. I just can't understand the complaints that are posted,,then the defensive actions. I read about DOS,,end caps,,,Etc. Does people tell the DM the problems? I know the DM is under stress from above,,,but if he really had some guts,,,he would stand up. But the only ones that stand up,,, go down the road. Sad but true. As far as research on BL,,,it's there. You just have to look.

    • Sorry, just asking how to find out. Obviously I'm not very interested I guess BUT you got me curious.I did believe you just didn't know what to get into is all..even tho their salarys have doubled it doesn't make mine change. How sad.
      So much bit!@#$ as you say cuz we're living thur it..LOL..such is life at Big Lots..Thanks..did Truthteller do his/her input on this double salary or is he/she searching too?..<VBG>

    • On Sept. 3 The stock of BL was 18.18. Went kinda high,,Someone sold stock,,,BW,,,for 545,000.00. Today,,,the stock is 14.61... I wish I had a crystal ball,,,working for me!!!!

    • Just some facts! If you need the research,,,I will give. It's public. As of May,31,2003 Your HR man is making 1,443,338.00, with all the frills. He is listed as the top forty top paid men in HR in the country as 27. But the listings of the top 100 companies does not list BL there. He makes more than the HR of UPS. But!!! UPS is listed as # 4 on the top 100 companies. Inflation?? This is just HR. Want more?

    • Everything I have said is on the web made public. Double salary? Look it up. Look for the salary stats for 2000. Now,,Look up 2003.I can't figure why all of you that post,,Bit!@#$% about everything but never do any research, then get defensive. Maybe it's all the time you spend with your face in the front of a semi-trailer. I think it's great for people to defend and be loyal to the company they work for,,That's the way people should be! But answer this,,,Why do you keep Bit!@#$ here? Then get defensive. Wake up,,,Do your research,,,,

    • you can say that again!!!!

    • bullshit

    • The money is there for good wage increase if
      you want it. It is all in how you do your job.
      I have never been unhappy with my raises I have recieved.

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