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  • omwoman2001 omwoman2001 Feb 9, 2004 8:41 PM Flag

    does corporate know what is going on?

    Ok here is my problem... why is there all these resets going on when there is gonna be a remodel going on in a few months?? Not only that but there is the whole thing about inventory coming up fairly soon and we should be spending our payroll for that not resets.
    So my question is this... does anyone at corporate know what is going on with their stores? And there is another thing while I am thinking about it. There has been alot of paperwork that has not gone thru... why is that, and why should I have to have things re-sent 2 or 3 times for anything to be taken care of? Sorry for venting but I am very frustrated.

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    • Truth_teller:

      I agree with EVERYTHING you are saying and I think it is a great idea to help people understand that there are differences between corporate goals and store level goals. This is a discussion board about "BLI", the NYSE symbol for a company that does almost 4 billion dollars in sales a year. That is bigger than all of us. We need to remember that without the investors, this company would not exsist at the level that it is currently operating at. There are very little people (no one) that could have a privatley owned company of this magnitude funded strictly with owners equity. Big Lots is, in my opinion, becoming a stronger company by the minute. We have used our income generated, over operating expenses, to cut down our long term debt structure significantly in the past fiscal year. This, in combination with the major increase in free cash flow is a sure fire combination for equity growth. I think it is time to get excited about OUR (the shareholders) company. We are going places. The sky's the limit.

      ps Truth_teller, I didnt mean to step on your toes, but I really thought you were on to something and felt the need to reiterate it.

    • You are so incorrect it is pitiful. One should not display ones ignorance to the general public in writing. Hope you either have a lot of money to waste in the stock market or you are just on the board trying to stir something up. WARM

    • Versatile:

      I am afraid you did not grasp the concept. Without the MAJOR money investors you would not have the credit line to purchase. The customers do not drive purchasing with their purchases, investors do. The amounts the customers bring in is due to the credit issued by investors to purchase merchandise. When the merchandise is purchased and then resold to customers at a higher price the investors make money. I was not trying to offend you in any way and if I did I am sorry. But the entire company is here to make money for our investors / shareholders. Ask yourself what happens to the money you invested in stock purchases. It went to pay down debt or purchase merchandise. When the company profits from customers the investor such as yourself make money. Would you invest you savings in a company which did not show a profit? By investing you allow the company to expand the amount of merchandising lines they buy and thus bring in more customer on a regular basis. On the store level the customer is King no doubt. But on the corporate level here at 300 it is the investors.

      Thanks for listening.

    • Thank you, I agree! Customer Service is a high priority in the survival of every business. Without customers, where would we make our money?? If there were no customer shopping at the store, the store would be out of business and we would be out of a job!

    • Looking at thiS caption: "Does corporate know what is going on" is getting tiresome". Yes they do. I ran a subsidiary of a public company until I retired a couple years ago and we (can't speak for everyone fo course) looked at the Yahoo message board from time to time and learned a few things from it. Assuming someone in Columbus is looking at this message board here is what they know: According to Yahoo BLI has 17,475 employees of which 4 or 5 are bitching. They must be very proud of their employee relations! I am a shareholder that believes if the company is making everyone happy they are not doing their jobs because it is detrimental to make bad employees happy. AND whomever said making the coustomers happy was the #1 priority is absolutely correct.

    • What the hell you talking about? Your the one bitching man! you started this whole mess ! Quit acting like a bitch now

    • First, I'm a share holder and you don't work for us! You work for the customers!! If the customers didn't come into the store to shop, Bl, the share holders, and every employee would be out of business and jobs. Again, I'm a share holder and you need to work for the customers and keep them returning and buying!

    • Darthlottie, you hit it on the head this time, although, you did go a little over on the language. LOL. A wise man told me once and a long time ago, "You do not work for the company, the VP's, the Regionals, the DM's, Store managers, etc. You do not work to put money in the company accounts either!" We all work for one person and one person only....THE SHAREHOLDERS of the company. Investors make the company run and they expect a return on investment. THAT is our job and our ONLY job!

      Several people have grumbled and gripped on this sight and there is an answer for them if they do not like the way the company runs...BUY stock, becoming a stock holder and vote at the annual meetings. Look what happened to Disney's Eisner if I am not believed. So to the Grouches out there if you would put as much into your work as you do into the complaining.....the profits would be up and you would get more in the way of goodies from the shareholders.

    • How correct you are about using God as a description of us. I just can't help being number 1. Your defensive sentiments suggest the my beliefs of your not being able to hold a candle to us as being correct. Things at Big Lots are great. The companies profits are up, sales, are up, and the on hand cash flow has never been higher. You idiots bitch, and moan about the company did this, or it didn't do that. Or my favorite "they don't care!" Wake up dumb ass this is a company. We are paid to make them look good. Pop mommies titty out of your mouth, grow a set of balls, and make a difference. I can say for a fact I positivley impact my stores sales every day. Can you? I didn't think so. Don't hate me because I am what you should aspire to be. You, and complex gotta stop with the mamby pamby whiney bull crap, roll up your sleeves, and get it going in your stores. I don't care about floating holidays, or how much sick time I have. I care about the cold hard reality. The Business. The money. I am as nice as pie to my people. It makes us more money when I do so. I am the best when dealing with customers. Why? Because I want their money. Greed is the best motivator of all. It has nothing to do with insecurity. You dumb asses aren't even qualified to turn the lights on in the morning, much less diagnose insecurity issues. New Yorks so called flux is the sound of money. Lots of beautiful cash hitting our tills making the company lots of money. That's something you red necks don't see a lot of in volume. I higly doubt you have a masters degree in anything. If so it must have come from a correspondence school. How's Sally Struthers these days?

    • First off, why do so many of you feel the need to put others down? There are many different kinds of people with different levels of education. We all can't be uh hum..."extremely educated SERIOUS INVESTORS." If you don't like what someone is saying then why are reading the entire post and taking up your precious investment time responding??? That doesn't make sense to me.

      Also, as a past asst. mgr. that worked with many many managers, I would have to say that the majority of them tried to get away with as little as possible. I know what goes on "behind the scenes" as I was there more than they were and I know what they did. And before you or someone else hurries to say that I am just a bitter ex employee I left on good terms of my own accord. I do not have an ax to grind I just felt I needed to speak to your post. Afterall this is America isn't it?

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