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  • mrsawyernc mrsawyernc Jan 16, 2006 3:38 PM Flag

    Furniture Managers

    We had a conf. call today and we were told that all furniture sale managers are safe from being cut out of the company. They said we are an important part of the company and the things we have done in the past don't change just because we don't have a FDM. We still have to run our department just like any other day. I think Steve Fishman is making good decisions in who we keep and who goes. Stop and think of how much money was spent on all those FDM and what we really gained out of it. It's true some of those FDM were good at their job but for the most part you hardly ever saw a FDM in the stores. Steve Fishman is doing what he gets paid to do which is turn our company around and make a profit. He is what some call a "turn a round CEO". But here's something to think about, where will all the money go that is being saved by letting all those people go? I would hope back into the stores and at the rate Steve Fishman is working it very well could happen.

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    • Big Lots is the type of store I would hate to have a fifty-dollar gift certificate to. How could I possibly spend it all??? One can only use so many batteries. (Batteries are about the only thing I would trust buying at Big Lots.) Their stores just aren't worth stopping by any more; no bargains at all

    • Originally they had great looking stores, good pricing and good promos. Toward the end every store had deteriorated to the point of no return.

    • Everyone here is very nice. When you
      work for the government there is NO SALES
      PLAN. So there is no urgency. When you arrive
      at work, generally late, the biggest situation,
      is the coffee ready. You can defer 20,000
      a year, which means you do not pay taxs.
      I gave all this up for retailing. -I f up.
      I was retired and did not know it. I am now
      one of you. Overworked and underpaid.
      best wishes to all. When I did research on
      retail companies the only one I noticed that
      the pay was respectable was Costco.

      Best wishes to everyone and may the retail
      gods look over you.

    • Now I know you maybe thinking I should not be answering this or giving my opinion, but I'm going to anyway.

      He probably thought he could retire with a pension, and then get a job, making two incomes. Now knowing what it's like in the private sector with companies these days, he probably wishes he just stayed with the government job. I just recently acquired a job on government contract and government guidelines. It's very nice, and I would not go back to Big Lots even if they paid me double what my salary was.

    • overbrook, knowing a little of your work history, I empathize completely. We can all appreciate the efforts that you had extended to cowboy. But, doing a little "homework" prior to supplying any pertinent info to anyone, is always advisable. I think you'll agree.... Now, a little cowboy history. cowboy has been an on going source of moral disenchant, cynicism and now routinely "dismissed" by the general public. This is due in large to the "repetitive postings" since AT LEAST March of 2002! Four long years of whining, pessimism and total stagnation. Got a better picture now? I sincerely wish you the very best, overbrook. You are more fortunate than I, and still I Care a great deal... @};-

    • Why do you consider retiring
      in my late 40's to be a mistake???

    • for your info, I have just retired from a
      government agency. I am currently a
      auditor for a very large retail chain. For me working for the government
      is hardly working. most govenment workers
      are very lazy. Anyway its a great pension.
      Now that I have to work for a living I
      do not like it. I made a mistake by retiring
      while in my late 40's. I can appreciate
      all the hard work that retailers perform.
      best wishes overbrookhigh

    • venture had great looking stores,
      attractive flyers, and nice presentations.
      the problem they had was the parent company
      (The May Co) from st louis failed to expand
      and put money into the company they were
      also limited in big markets.

    • I remember a store called Venture that is no longer around because of the sames issues

    • Gooo Tiger! You got that right! And as for overbrookhigh, if you want to play wet nurse to cowboyhosie, that's your prerogative, but please "Spare us all" your future indignations & take your newly blossomed relationship to your own private e-mails. And cowboy, I'm quite certain that your "registered communication" with Home Office will enlighten.... more than you may know.... Gee, I wonder what overbrookhigh's profession is. Hmmm

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