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  • pmfunk pmfunk Jul 12, 2012 6:08 PM Flag

    We Love Big Lots

    We go to our local Decatur Big Lots store everyday. What a pleasant experience it is. All the employees are just super friendly, and greet us, no matter where they are working in the store. I have compiled a list of (18) stores and restaurants that we will not ever enter and only (9) places that rate Five Stars. Big Lots is the BEST!

    I highly recommend that we FedEx the politicians/lawyers in America, and send them on a slow boat to China. That way we can stall out the Booming Chinese economy growing at 8%+/year whereas ours with "smoke and mirrors" is growing at 2%- or really even less/year.

    Big Lots is a company that strives hard to be successful and employees run the place like they own the company. It is just beautiful, to walk around, and see the change in merchandise when a new truck is unloaded and stocked. Recently they had Eagle Nanowax, so I bought one spray bottle to try. Sprayed it on my car, and not only was it super easy to apply and wipe off, but the car looked like new again. I immediately returned and bought all they had about (20) containers. My buddy and his clerks, at Arby's (5 Stars), where we eat everyday at lunch, had just messed up his brand new car with a white streak down one side. I gave him a bottle, and a rag and asked him to try it on the streak. The next day, my wife and I, had a free lunch. I told him that he needs to shine the entire car, every six months, but do the job in the shade only. The 105+ deg F temp broke, and his car is almost as shinny as my nine year old Lincoln.

    Then Big Lots had V-8 in cans. I bought a six pack ($3.00) to see how it tasted. Cooled it in the refrigerator and instead of softdrinks drank a V-8. It was just super good. Back to Big Lots and we bought them out. This weekend, we plan to buy like there is no tomorrow. Last night, in the heavy rain, we went to two large grocery chains to compare prices. Big Lots has them beat bad. We save at least 20%, and when you use your Buzz Club card, you save another 20%. I could go on, and on, but I bet you get the picture by now. I do not have stock in Big Lots, but wish I did buy several years ago.

    Evidently Wall Street's "Gang of Crooks" are short Big Lots stock, and they need to bring it down before the Gang goes bankrupt. Is Wall Street honest? Where is the honest hard working men and ladies in America? Most are in the unemployment line looking for a job. Wakeup America it is indeed late. Promises made are Promises to Keep!! But our nation's wealth has been wasted, our science and technology persons have been wasted too, and soon we will all be dealt the "Old Maid".

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