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  • pegasusaig pegasusaig Nov 28, 2012 8:25 AM Flag

    Another big gap down will be the frosting

    The actual earnings date and conference call are on Tuesday the 4th. And if you are shorting this stock, you are about to get your plow cleaned like never before.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • If your long you are going to get your plow cleaned, this is what makes a market. Us bulls and bears make all the money and those trading on hope always get slaughtered. Good luck, one of us will win big. I'm a true contrary investor and always bet against the small investor.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Well- looks like it's truth day. As a true contrary investor, you might be observing that contrary to your view, the cleaning has begun- your plow is beginning to look bare, and my plow is pushing a $24,000 gain for today with much more ahead. As you said- one of us will win big. Of course, the game isn't over till the money goes in the bank, and that will be in April. I figure to be up around $200,000 by then, and I will exit.

      • Hey- go for it. If you can drive the price down further, I will buy a 2-4K more. I certainly don't trade on hope, either... I've followed and studied this stock for 6 years, invested in it for 4 and never lost. Made 26K on it last year, and this year is a far better setup. Expect to make a minimum of 100K gain on it this year. Of course anything is possible, it's a game of analysis and strategy.

        IF you went short before the major drop I would say you could do very well, but I wouldn't wait much longer to cover. If you are selling short now, you are indeed a long-shot gambler.

        Contrary.... means betting on the opposite of the trend. A short is betting the trend will continue, and that is following the trend. As Buffett says, "When others are greedy, be fearful- when others are fearful, be greedy". Possibly the best investing advice ever contained in a single sentence.

        Good luck to you as well!

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