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  • big_lot_mgr big_lot_mgr May 18, 1999 8:29 PM Flag

    Job offer...

    The point that I was trying to make was that
    "Tanners_The_Man" is very vulgar in his posts to this board. I am
    not in Tanner's District, however I believe that my
    peers in my District would not associate with someone
    like "Tanner_The_Man" (whoever he is) because he fails
    to understand that Professionalism is required now
    to be a member of store management. He is likely to
    be upset with the new dress code. How will he cover
    his tatoos??
    Will he now have to wear a shirt with
    sleeves??? As I stated before, Dewayne is a class guy. I
    have worked for him before and would be willing to do
    so again. Concerning the statements he made
    concerning the Home Office, he did say them. He was probably
    right at the time. However this year will be a banner
    year for CNS...will you be in the picture?????

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