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  • Aristotle_52 Aristotle_52 May 25, 1999 7:01 PM Flag

    eToys hits $85...

    I'm sure that a 300 point drop in the Dow could
    possibly affect
    any stock. This coupled with deep
    softening in internet stocks
    robbed CNS of upside
    movement with the .com announcement.

    This should
    only be a short speedbump as CNS is going to

    continue rolling to a great year. Growing pains ease
    each week. Do Not lose confidence ky_trades.

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    • Can't blame the CEO (Srinivasan) from wanting the
      spinoff, but
      will one of you that understands how this
      works tell me how this
      will benifit your (my) CNS
      stock. This is where Srinivasan will
      make a fortune,
      but I could care less about him.

      • 1 Reply to Rolex44
      • could help us longs. Basically, CNS would do an
        IPO for say 20% of This would create a
        "pure .com play". CNS would own most of the new
        company's shares, and you could track it's value as
        "mostly" additive to CNS. Hopefully, if the IPO is
        successful, CNS spins the remaining shares off to the
        existing holders. That's the theory, and the hope.

        However, keep an eye on etoys if you want to gauge the
        success of a KBToys IPO. I think the drop in eToys post
        IPO price has had more to do with the down turn in
        CNS than even the markets slide. CNS overall is
        turning around, and I think Merrill Lynch is correct,
        this stocks got a lot of upside potential. Good
        investing Longs.

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