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  • b_zerkley b_zerkley May 21, 1999 8:21 AM Flag

    eToys hits $85...

    or $7.7B mkt cap. My estimate of a KBtoys spin
    off being worth $2B is way off. This could double CNS
    market cap by year end, especially if they spin off the
    company to the holders after the IPO. Merrill Lynch was
    right, this is worth $60 (plus). Good investing.

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    • Why is this stock dropping so quickly??? Earnings
      were a bit better than estimates. The e-toy thing
      looks good. Star Wars has to be driving the business on
      the toy side. The closeout stores that I have visited
      in my area look better than ever. Should I sell now?
      Is there a turnaround in the future??

    • Dreamcast has a launch date in early September. Everyone will be getting the system at the same time.

    • You only need one shareholder on one (not both) sides of the transaction for it to be reported as a block trade.

    • Here is a blip from the article referenced in the
      previous post...

      "Another one I like is
      Consolidated Stores (CNS 15 5/8). It is trading at $16 and
      down from a high of $39. They had a blip in earnings
      that was unexpected. Consolidated Stores is a closeout
      company as well as a toy retailing company. The toys are
      doing so, so. It is the world leader in closeouts. This
      is a $4.8 billion company. Many times we have
      purchased shares after they come down, and gained 50% to
      100%. They are on our Buy List and we are looking for
      $30 in 12 to 18 months."

    • I recently purchased a used Super Nintendo system
      with a dozen games for under a hundred bucks. My son
      (9 years old) doesn't even look at N64 anymore. His
      friends come over and they just want to play Super
      Nintendo. My son and his friends should be the top market
      for the new systems, but that ol' Super NES was just
      to damn good a machine, with endless titles.

    • Somebody dumped a load of shares a full six days
      before the profit warning. What kind of bullshit is
      I have looked for a alert:block trade this year
      that took place before that one and couldn't find one.
      Just lucky i guess.
      I smell an

      Friday July 2, 2:30 pm Eastern Time

      Consolidated Stores Corp
      at 23-3/4, down 3/4 crossed by
      Salomon Smith Barney

    • There were two block trades of CNS stock this afternoon. Does anyone know if these where purchases or sales?

    • Name: SHAPIRO MARK D
      Title: Vice President

      Sold his shares off in June
      Just lucky I guess.

    • I am a recent investor in CNS and would like to know where you saw that release. Thanks in advance.

    • New Merrill update (when CNS was $31) says that
      the weakness is related to the internet in two
      1) Concerns that on line toy sales will cut into
      traditional store sales and therefore cut overall margins,
      2) alot of players are moving into online toy sales
      besides eToys, therefore reducing online valuations
      Merrill believes that the online winners will be the
      existing players such as ToysRUS and K-B because of their
      extra leverage and name brand awareness. Unfortunately,
      this will have to play out to see if it holds true.
      Also, and the proposed KBToys IPO is 6 months or more
      away and in internet mania that's a

      Merrill also said that KB was only showing 3-4% same
      store sales growth this quarter versus a 5% plan (due
      to less than expected star wars sales). However,
      they also said that several other divisions were
      EXCEEDING their targets and that 2Q earnings were on plan.
      They again stated their $60 target and a 1-1 buy
      rating. Me, I recently doubled up at $25 and change.
      However,this drama may take 9 months to play it
      depends on your time horizon if you want to see it
      through. Good investing.

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