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  • grannybones grannybones Dec 4, 2009 4:59 PM Flag

    CHS teamster union. I don't know???


    I'am a long time shareholder and been hoping for a dividend increase for CHS stock for a long time. If it anyone that deserves a raise it the shareholders. I live in Houston Tx. Currently there a army of oil experts and men looking for any type of oil work right now. I mean, your timing is real bad to stage a protest. I rather have you guys anytimeworking the refinery but if I don't get a dividend increase why should you get rewarded. I mean teamsterif you work hard and don't blow your money away like on beer and gambling and don't run of the credit card all the time and you still have a hard time making ends meet than I'am probably on your side for a raise once we are out of the recession. But I believe CHS INC is a very stable company and you should be very thankful for a job and a paychec in which you are . If you don't investyour money wisely it doesn't matter how much money you make. That a fact! In short I vote for a dividend increase of 10 cents oper quarter first and need to have a study done to see if your pay check is adequate to cover basic needs for the middle class. I'am middle class also.

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    • IMHO The Unions got a heck of a boost of implied power when they became owners of 35% of GM without investing a dime.

      Secured shareholders were told take the $0.28 or $280 per $1,000.00 bonds they held.

      Shareholders of course got 0. So seems like this farce and against the laws of the Nation The federal Goverment taking private property without just cause, and reasonable compensation. It is all in the Constitution who reads it or pays any attention to it any more.

      Cornprophet saw a post on the pig stock HDY thus the reason for the above.


    • Who is doing the typing for you. Clean your eye glasses once a day granny. I got your message.

    • I will work for half as much for a year. I would love to get hands on experience running my own refinery. Can the shareholders have the first open position please. Love CHS. Hows the weather up there????? Go CHS.

    • I lived in Houston once. I would like to see a dividend increase or raising the recall cap on the preferred shares to $35.00. I think shareholders should be counted as well as the teamster. That fanscy semi truck out front didn't help your cause much. Must have cost a bundle. I rather have any raises go to a trust fund for each employee in which they can be paid a certain amount of interest over time in which it would become avaliable if sick or laid off etc., Also a fix Christmas bonus for each person. Postion doesn't pay anymore than the janitor. Right is right. No brown nosers allowed. Good luck but shareholder comes first this time. Sorry!

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      • I think raising the recall cap on CHS stock would cause the stockholder shares to sky rocket without any increase in dividend payment. If the employee is doing a great job well give them a reward. If there slackers out there give them a warning and than if nothing happen find someone else. Should not give a group raise unless everyone is worthy. Glad I'am not involved. Some of the teamster were smiling shouldn't you be working. Is this shift time off. Lots of old poeple depend on CHS so going on strike will not help your cause. What ever that is???????

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