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  • theguru_onstocks theguru_onstocks Feb 4, 2010 11:00 AM Flag

    HMPR's Apparent Planning ...

    HMPR is just using their merger with Gateway to complicate their accounting, hide the ball, and confuse everyone ... wait until you see the earnings release. It's all sleight of hand and accounting tricks to make their regulatory capital look stronger so they can attempt to raise more money somehow from sucker investors ... that will only work for so long.

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    • Now that was the dumbest post from you yet! This is a regulated industry! The FDIC is the oversight and that is why you have to file a FFIEC041 each quarter! This is seperate from the financials! There is NO other industry that does this and you want us to believe that HMPR is gonna cook the books? Come on!! Tell your boss the shorts now have a 42 day cover with the current volumes! HMPR's FFIEC041 shows they are profitable without 2 charges which are asset and loan charges, just like every other bank does! You are a fool!

    • I am glad you have finally realized the financials look good and that is now a great concern to your boss! I tried to tell you the financials would show a big turnaround but you just would not listen! Now we wait for the financials to be issued to the street and then everyone can see this great turnaround story! Andy is good at what he does and has once again proven it since taking over HMPR in June! Now we will see the shorts starting their cover! How fast? Who knows, but you can be guaranteed they are gonna have to cover!

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