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  • judisolley judisolley Oct 9, 2008 12:28 PM Flag

    net asset value

    Tiny trading at $1.00 under net asset value. What a buy if you have any money left.JMHO

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    • 100% of TINY's investments are losing money and macro conditions dictate that they will never be able to get rid of any of them except at a discount.

    • Sorry, but in the situation when Bluechips has been falling like a stones and a companies like GE is 50% off its highs, NOBODY cares about one small company trading one buck under the net asset value. Many better and more healthy companies were taken down and are trading also under net asset value at unbelievable prices. What means net asset value on this market BTW? Market in toilet. Who will be buying IPOS?

      Thanks got I got out arround 11,5 after 5 years of holding. Despite I leked this company.

    • Right now it is like $1.50 under NAV, which is a very large percentage at this price. Unless there is a write-off or writedown coming this is a great opportunity if you have any $ left (which I don't).

      Between the performance of their 60 million in short term treasuries and the possible increase in value in some of the portfolio companies (like Nantero), I can see a goose to NAV.

      In this market it doesn't seem to matter as the bluest of blue chips are getting crushed.

      Oh well, this too shall pass (hopefully).

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