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  • acricketeer acricketeer Oct 16, 2012 8:08 AM Flag

    A Few Years Ago, TINY Was to Desparate to Invest in AONE

    I'm so glad they missed their opportunity. They have plenty of other writeoffs. Someone just won a nobel prize for quantum computing, so perhaps their next one out of the gate will be in that space .

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    • good to see Crick and River on solazyme board. with Bruce they put a lot of effort into tiny but like myself eventually concluded mment were self serving. thus we are on the one tiny investment which will come good - solazyme. it has been shorted to hell but its time is coming big time- tiny will even get a 40% lift on its back.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • The trading for a significant profit on Solarzyme, as far as TINY is concerned, long passed. Their way tardy options trading strategies came way to late, feckless management again asleep at the switch.

        Fact is the cost of producing fuel from algae remains prohibitively expensive, making it uncompetitive with fossil fuels, however damaging the latter are to the environment.

        At this point there is more revenue potential in the food end of Solarzyme. take a look, for instance at the recent book, The New New Deal. The use of Solarzyme 'feedstock' to make edible food products is discussed (e.g. taste-tested and supposedly (?) delicious chocolate ice cream, absent the deleterious diet aspects of traditionally made ice cream.)

    • The 'only' people that have, ever will, make money off of this complete oinker stock are one, management who have always seen to it that they line their pockets irrespective of their miserable performance, year in, year out-- and two, those (not yours truly regrettably) who have been astute and disciplined enough to trade the stock, e.g, when months back it hit a low around $3, then ultimately went to $4.15 or so, and now this porker, as per the norm, has once again gone south.

      What a total joke is management, replete with their complete ineptitude, coupled with their pervasive 'hey, we deserve our monetary perqs no matter what' mindset, all such of course' ALWAYS to the detriment of 'outside shareholders.

    • So #$%$ are you trying to say? And what is Desparate? Are you a practicing Desparate? Just my POV but you and TINY are big P'sOS!

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