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  • jamessmarson3 jamessmarson3 Dec 18, 2012 3:31 PM Flag

    Data how did that call strategy workout


    told you man. Never worth it to sell calls. OOOPS

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    • You speak way too much in absolutes, and don't seem to appreciate any thinking other than yours.

      As of right now, I left $1 on the table so far this month. Rolled, covered, rolled, and now am 100% long, uncovered. In the short term, looks dumb, since this is one of those straight shot up months.

      On the other hand, I've had a good hedge the whole way.

      Stopped clock, James. How's your buy and hold working out over the last two years (plus), you've been touting TEX (which I agree with, by the way)? Stock's DOWN over that time period.

      So give it a break. Different strokes.

      Long-Tex, didn't see your note. Yeah, James doesn't see to understand the concept of rolling months and stock prices. Although, personally, having handled the $24 and $26 resistance levels quite well, and looking back to market seasonality...... this could be one of those straight shots for 50% (or whatever) setting up here.

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      • lol i wrote exactly what a rolling call was, perhaps you don't know what it is.

        Anyways, i hope your next call is taken over too and you didn't leave $1 on the table. You rolled the call so you bought back the call at a loss. So you are lying here.

        Ure trades are so easy to tout since you never write specifics. So you like lie and say you win either way.

        Finally, buying TEX on the dips and staying long which I did is by far the best strategy.

    • No biggie, just roll it out to January at $1 higher strike price and collect another premium... Even TEX cannot maintain this rapid PPS rise! I sold some $27 Dec calls and depending on closing price Friday I will let them expire worthless, or roll them out to $28 Jan calls...

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