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  • rddr2022 rddr2022 Jan 17, 2013 12:43 PM Flag

    When everyone is positive, it is time to SELL!


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    • what consequence came from the end of ka-ka-kabooom?

    • rd, Im a good guy, so I am going to explain something to you and lets see what you do with it. The market has been going up now for many, many months. TEX has been going up now for many,many months.(has there been some volitility, of course). These are just hard cold facts. So what in the hell are you doing thinking it is going to go down. You know what, some day the general trend may be down. But you cannot predict exactly when that may be.So you could conceivably be posting your CRASH CRASH CRASHING for years.A year from now TEX could very well be at 40 and Ill still see your same post.So one needs to realize this and make your trades with the idea that we are in a up market. Did you catch that rd. We are in an upward moving market. So with just that one understanding even a slug like me can make money. Even if I did not make a little extra money playing the range in TEX I still would have made good money on this stock last year because there is one thing I understand. And that is, of course, that we are in a upward moving market. Theres a trillion bits of information that one can use to make there decisions but if one does not understand that one huge bit of information than those other trillion bits are useless since your starting point is skewed. So what I am saying to you is that your thinking needs to flip on this one super important point. From this moment on say to yourself that in general the market is going to go up. Im telling you this when I just got killed on BAC today. But I know the markets are moving up so BAC will probably move up as well. So I see the dips as a buying opportunity and you see the dips as the start of a downward trend. How long are you going to go counter to the trend?

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