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  • jamessmarson3 jamessmarson3 Feb 8, 2013 10:21 AM Flag

    Its so Quiet here!! LMAO

    That's because all the shareholders who own TEX sold calls an no longer own the stock.

    Guess who didn't sell calls. ME! And guess who still owns the stock ME!

    Don't ever tell me selling calls is a good strategy ever again

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    • I think you guys should take a look at BCEI as well if you haven't already. I really think it's an even better value than TEX and MNTX considering it's growth rate. I'm not trying to be a pumper, I just have a lot of conviction in that one too. I bought in really cheap and it has soared, very similar to TEX, but I think it has a lot of room to grow. It's an oil and gas (more oil than gas) Energy and production company in the Wattenberg field in Colorado (DJ Basin area/Niobrara). They are projected to increase production 59% this year yet they are trading at 16X this year's projected earnings. By all means, do your DD on it and let me know if you see anything that I am missing, but I have done as much research on them as I have on TEX and I think it is a very solid bet. I have looked into many other oil companies and they are the most undervalued play in my opinion. They just had one of their original investors sell 25% of the companies shares (for nearly 75% profit), and I thought...Oh fudge! this is going to get killed with all these shares hitting the market, but 1 week later the stock is actually up over 10% from where the public offering of those shares sold. They also border on NBL and APC's land, so have good buyout potential, but I am long for their stand alone value.

      Anyways, I always enjoy you guys on the TEX board and now the MNTX board.

      Long live the King, the Prince and BCEI (the Duke?).

      By all means, I appreciate you guys' ideas too. GLTA

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    • lol ya I remember when u asked about it and it was at $8. I wish I bought now but at the time and still now, I have a more methodical research process and I can't be rushed into a stock.

      lol you should be confident in TEX given all the research I do. Picking stocks is no joke to me. It takes me months and months to feel comfortable holding a stock.

      I literally can't sleep at night if I hold a position in a company I think is a piece of #$%$.

    • I'm still here and will be for a long time as long as management keeps executing. I have been on the MNTX board lately, hoping they take off too. TEX is still my biggest position by far and will be until the mid 40's to 50's.......

      LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!!!

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      • lol you guys need to realize just because MNTX is going up that its not the King.

        I am still evaluating MNTX. Just remember it doesn't have James badge of approval yet. Though when I looked at it appeared attractive. But you need to realize all of you are wishers and hopers only I consistently pick winners!

        Sorry for being cocky but its the truth. I am trying to help you out, Don't go overboard on a 100M company in MNTX at least for now

      • Hey Chump. I'm with you in both. Just sold a couple hundred shares of TEX to get in on MNTX Yesterday. I had been watching and waiting for a pullback in MNTX, which I thought would never happen. Talk about parabolic!. I still think MNTX is about as undervalued as TEX. I feel like I know much more about TEX, so I have much more confidence (and cash) in the king than the prince! I can't wait til earnings day for TEX to see what guidance will be! Man we got in this one on the cheap, didn't we!!!!!

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