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  • chumpbuttsmeller chumpbuttsmeller Feb 12, 2013 9:59 AM Flag


    James, you ever look at OSBC? I know they are small time but maybe just maybe they are starting ti turn things around? If you get a chance do you mind taking a peak? Thanks man!


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Chump, are you starting to believe my claim that we'll hit 50's by EOY? We could hit 40 before earnings!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • lol. All the pain and suffering and abuse I took @12 is now paying off with a big I told you bozos so.

      It was so frustrating @12 but at the same time I bought basically my entire position there. Holy #$%$.

      TEX has made me a king!!!!!!

      Also Ill check out OSBC. OH Wow its a bank, thats my specialty!! Terex is my only investmet. Like 70% of my portfolio is in insurance and banking stocks. I specialize in banks and casualty insurance. I don't know how to value life insurance companies though.

      K looked OSBC looks like the worst investment I have ever seen and has to be an immediate FDIC bankruptcy target. They have 0 earnings power. Their tier 1 is 0% on conventional standards but for small banks they change the standard and at best its at 10%. The company is not recording provisions right now so their normalized earnings will be $7 M lower after tax. Normally a quick estimate in your model would be 1% of all loans would go bad each year. Obviously if you have built up reserves you wouldn't take it but its good to work it in. Their loans are declining rapidly so their earnings will get worse and they are showing no ability to reduce costs. They also have a big preferred share base which I won't even analyze because the investment is already not investable.

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