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  • imorgovsky imorgovsky Jun 18, 2013 3:52 PM Flag

    tex - more proof the market is a scam

    It goes to $37, news alerts of insiders buying, industrials will be hot this summer, bla bla bla, and out of the blue they make the earnings change..which means they can do whatever to the price they want at any time..nothing but a casino, no logic, skills, or anything but luck.

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    • It is like a casino, but sometimes there is skill, but many times you have to learn the hard way, which will cost you. The House wins, but it doesn't have too if you have patience, you got to know when you fold them, so you can fight another day. You got to know when to take profits, eventhough, things look good. Then wait and look for an opportunity - better to hold the money in reserve, doing nothing, than buying anything. Also, know what you are investing in. Blah blah blah......

    • and watch how MTW doesnt get touched by all this, like they are not in the same market sector...more proof this is all a rigged game

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      • Yeah, but the problem with TEX is it follows no sense whats so ever. I felt the market was going to go down a month ago, I shorted TEX, it shot straight up for no reason. Then I bought when I saw there was nothing which could make it fall, every day a new article on why cyclical stocks will be hot this summer, how insiders are buying TEX, and so on..and now they come out of nowhere with this. This means they can out of nowhere as many times whenever they want..which means this is nothing but a casino.

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