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  • banmate7 banmate7 Sep 19, 2013 1:00 PM Flag

    Who is the real Jamessmarson?

    Jamessmarson3 makes sense. Jamessmarson5 seems like he is trolling. Can somebody shed light here?

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    • When I used to post on HCBK someone used to 1 star every post by every member. I think he may still do. This no lifer 1 stared every post for a long time. So to make sure my posts had 2 stars I created a few accounts to 5 star the posts.

      Yahoo has in a good way moved away from that star system so people can't bury posts.

      Also its not about gambling in your investments its about associating everything in terms of reward to risk. Its nonsense to say Terex had much risk over the last couple of years. I see a little more risk starting in 2013 with MHPS which is why I sold. but Terex is a good company.

      Some bluechips are in ways less financially stable. Companies like Kraft before the breakup and maybe still had tons of debt.

      So there are a lot of non-blue chips that are in ways financially superior to blue chips. So it is important to have a lot of skill.

      • 1 Reply to jamessmarson5
      • Whatever. Very little of what you wrote in our exchanges makes sense. Your command of writing & grammar is poor, never mind your logic. Let's just say that nobody ever before had condemned me for making 65% - 120% gains on significant money when the S&P500 has returned 28% during the same time.


        As to your claim of being a "godly" investor and making 55% annually since 2008, like I said, whatever. Unless you are prepared to discuss & present useful investing info & advice like I genuinely did, there's no point in talking to you. As I told you before, I actually get some actionable information on these chats, but you offer nothing.

        You're simply prevaricating.

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