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  • reallysure2000 reallysure2000 Jul 23, 2002 6:27 PM Flag


    After taking a positon at 18 last week,i am undecided as to buy more & average down or sell position and take my loss .i am worried about high volume of past couple of days ,obviosly shorts or hedge fundsor maybe the result of mutual fund redemptions opinions are welcomed

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    • Kettle calling the pot black I would say.

      A search of Yahoo with your alias reveals a posting history of half garbled thoughts and conflicting statements (as noticed by others). All delivered with a snippy attitude of superficial superiority.

      I've also figured out your apparent gender conflict. Your neither guy nor gal, your a girly man!!

    • Post on Delawarean Dude. You're right, the ignore feature is operable and anyone who doesn't use it and would rather hurl flames instead is saying something succinct and particular about themselves IMO.....

      Whether it's the sports posts or someone who shares an opposite opinion you abhor, there's the ignore feature. Name calling in cyberspace is useless....

      I've been pro the company all along. Not always pro the share price. And deep down I resent any company that charges 25% interest when the prime is 1.75%. But I've garnered a nice nestegg with MBNA, both long until 2000 and with the 500. And I admire CC for building this company to where it is now.

      I've never worked there, but know many who have and still do. You have said in previous posts that you were an employee? And lately that you're not. Did you quit? Which is correct? That's my about yours?

    • I always thought delawarean was a chick??

    • Great, you can quote Pink Floyd lyrics and be a homophobe all in the same post. Then again, with your name, that about says it all for your maturity level.

      And no to all, you have not heard the last of me. Actually maybe you have, here come the guys in "Masters" jackets right now..........noooooooooo.........I just want to know why it's okay to trash someone who has a favorable opinion and not those don't?? Isn't this place all about opinions, or am I missing something. Sheeesh!!

    • Last time I checked, you didn't own yahoo. If you don't like me, please put me on ignore. Otherwise, shut up.

    • Yeah...I remember that! LOL!

    • "Come in here dear boy have a cigar your gonna go far,
      your never gonna die,
      your gonna fly high,
      their gonna love you!

      And did we tell you the name of the game, its called riding the gravey train."

      Is it true that all those guys in green jackets are raving homosexuals?

    • I'm surprised Alaskan lasted as long as he did. He had his picture posted on the web along with Bio information.

    • I think we've heard the last of Mr. Delaware. I think I can hear the screams as the men in green jackets take him away...

    • Although I too recall Delawherean posting before that he was an employee, I doubt it. It's really frowned upon there and if he were detected it wouldn't be pretty. They don't pay those FBI guys their million dollar bonuses for kicks. Now, the Alaskan fellow was an employee IMO. Just too dumb to realize that even in Maine Big Green is watching. And now he's gone...somebody probably had a word with him I bet. And do they monitor this board? You bet they do!!!

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