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  • contrarianbs contrarianbs Feb 5, 2007 3:35 PM Flag


    Does anyone sense that the market really wants to sell off, but big boys are afraid of a huge correction. I think they would love to squeeze some more shorts, but I don't think it will happen this time. They will probabaly try and join the party to the downside with their own accounts.

    January effect, santa claus rally, all over done.

    Time to pay the piper for all the foolishness in housing and financials.

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    • The question I keep asking myself is this -- who's buying?
      New retail drawn in by the 16% rise in the Dow?
      If you watch Fast Money, there was one thing that Bolling said while talking about GOOG (before earnings came out). His, get this, barber was talking/asking about the double-top in GOOG. No offense to barbers but there is a well-known saying -- "When taxi drivers are handing out stock tips, it's time to sell."

    • I don't see where the next cat. will come from. Mergers anc accs. maybe, but come on. I've been short this market for sometime and will refuse to cover.

      This message board surprisingly doesn't get much attention, I've been waiting for a index message board for a very long time. The Q's board has more people, stay short if you are, my advice is to stay neutral if your not short or long until a direction is determined

    • Pay the piper?
      I think if that is the case we
      will have to pay him in dope cause
      that must be what he is smoking in his
      pipe. He sure isn't playing any tunes with
      the market up %18.5+ in a year. WTF! give
      us at least %1 down again soon so we can back
      up the truck as Jim Cramer says. How can the
      market correct with intrest rates flat and
      the dollar down down down?

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