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  • rbw1226 rbw1226 Feb 16, 2007 7:18 AM Flag

    Check this out.

    I am truly sorry you obviously did not check out my past posts. And so quickly give judgment without researching my posts first. Just check out the charts compared with my dated comments/predictions on yahoo. And here they are, to save you time.

    FOR; COT
    Re: big short position is getting killed (Not rated) 20-Apr-06 02:54 pm
    How do you know shorts are at 12x volume? I see him going to 15.94.

    3-May-06 high was 15.90.

    The shorts better stay away, for may. (Not rated) 20-Apr-06 03:00 pm

    Basically I was saying don�t short COT and market till May.

    Re: big short position is getting killed (1 Rating) 19-Jul-06 07:42 am
    I think COT has reached a line in the sand, just as the market overall has. My question is, Will the shorts cover along with other buyers buying? I said 15.94 was top and now I say Buy, Buy, Buy.
    Sentiment : Strong Buy

    Before the market opened I posted this. So just for a recap I said sell in May 06 and buy 7-19-06 for COT and Market.
    COT 3-May-06 high 15.90 to 19-July-06 open 12.18, to 15-Sept-06 18.12
    DOW JONES 5-10-06 close 11,642 to 7-19-06 open 10,797 to
    2-15-07 close 12,765
    S&P 5-10-06 close 1322 to 7-19-06 open 1236 to 2-15-07 close 1456
    NASDAQ 5-10-06 close 2320 to 7-19-06 open 2,037 to 2-15-07 close 2497

    FOR; CME
    If end of week close is below 512..... (Not rated) 28-Nov-06 09:13 pm
    It could mean 450 may be next target. But I think CME will close month right about here 535. So 512 may be a great buy.
    But watch your back come next month.

    11-30-06 close was 535.60. 12-29-06 close was 509.75. Ok buying at 512, Jan high was 596.30. And because it has closed weekly below 512, I think 450 is the general direction now.

    FOR; wallstreet�s ANO
    Re: Cmon Guys Downside Targets for CME (Not rated) 28-Nov-06 06:25 pm
    Ok wallstreet I sent them to your yahoo email. I also sent you the VIX chart. With each I sent a 15 min, daily, and weekly.

    I wish you the best of luck with ANO. Looks like for now, today was an exhaustion gap up, to me.

    And until you see this system real time you can't see the full potential, yet.

    FOR; GTW
    Cramer spanks a GTW triple bottom (8 Ratings) 6-Nov-06 06:44 am
    And he surely may be buying all he can to the 1.54 support level. Only to later say he was wrong with a slap on his hand, which holds the profits so it won't hurt.

    I would believe and bet on Bear Stearns, which upgraded GTW on 8-24-06 to PEER PERFORM (trendline was broken), before Cramer. And by the way the week of 8-24-06 and 7-31-06 had increased weekly volume 3-5 times normal. That is the big money and should be respected by all.

    So for this triple bottom buying between 1.54-1.64, that should soon go quickly to the 2.10 resistance, I believe is a very good fair market price. And when the price reaches the upper 50 bar bollinger band I will be wondering who bails out and who stays in. Because if the 2.10 resisitance is broken then up, up, and away would be my motto. But for right now watch for maybe the inverted hammer candlestick on a daily or weekly chart.

    And in closing my thought of the day is,
    Sentiment : Strong Buy

    GTW 11-06-06 close 1.60 It was also an inverted hammer with 1.59 being the low. 12-14-06 high 2.26 1-11-07 high 2.35

    Now in closing I will say these were my posted thoughts/predictions.
    And now I will say if you are not very careful you may lose even the clothes on your back in this market top. Because when roller coasters reach the top, they tend to speed up as they begin going down.

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