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  • mikeycasablanca mikeycasablanca Mar 17, 2007 2:33 PM Flag


    I'm living in China and I can tell you that inflation is up here big time. Salaries are up, employees now have control of their salaries and this spells very bad for the US. The US have benefited from low salaries/inflation from China to thrive in a new world order were even an 30% increase in oil price had almost no impact on inflation. Why??? Because of the deflationary impact of outsourcing and buying very low cost good from China. GUESS WHAT!!!! THIS IS ALL GONNA CHANGE THIS QUARTER! I tell you because I live here in China and for the first time in 5 years, China is facing HUGE inflationary pressures!!!!

    I see the tsunami leaving China for the US. I TELL YOU, BE CAREFUL, LEAVE THE LOWER grounds of holding shares and seek the security of higher grounds of GOLD, CASH and Bonds. I repeat, you have maybe one month to survive this tsunami. BUY GOLD, BONDS and hold CASH.

    I'm here in China... This is gonna be DISASTROUS for the US!!!!!

    Good luck!

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