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  • mill_valley_guru mill_valley_guru Apr 30, 2007 4:02 AM Flag

    This stock looks like it's ready for action!

    Keep an eye on AtheroGenics, Inc. (AGIX).
    It should be an interesting AGIX trading day today. If you are curious about "Shorts" and "naked shorts" you might get a glimpse into its effects on the market.

    Interesting. Very interesting.

    It could even point to what's coming up for AGIX this week.
    This is quoted from the AGIX message page at Yahoo Finance.
    (The AGIX posted messages may also be worth a few minutes of your time)
    "When the stock market opens in the morning one of two things will probably happen:
    A. There will be a futile attempt by those who are Short to try to hold down AGIX by throwing more massive numbers of naked shorts into the market. That can't work for much longer. Most everyone has caught onto their game. Even Cramer writes about this nasty technique. Once this doesn't work there will be step #2 - an attempt to throw out a 'smoke screen' while they sneak out as cheap as they can by Buying massive numbers of AGIX in the open market. The Shorts have to cover anyway they can. The longer they wait, the more expensive it will cost them to cover. They have to try to keep the lid on and say whatever they have to, to distract the other shorts. When the other shorts catch on to their plans, those other shorts will panic and try to get out themselves. That could result in a huge RALLY for AGIX all this week.

    B. The rally for AGIX might just start with the opening bell tomorrow. Ultimately there is no way out for the shorts. They'll have to buy their way out, and there are 60% (or more) shorted shares out there to be covered.
    There are only 39 million legal shares in the whole world. Anyway you look at it, those holding AGIX short positions are in big trouble. Very big trouble financially. imo


    $19.33 is the AGIX target price for the year (est.) according to various analysts.

    Currently, AGIX closed on Friday at $3.08.

    But on Monday AGIX could explode higher and it could be because of the CC news just posted on the web.

    I think that those 60% AGIX shorts must feel trapped like trapped inside a pressure cooker. They cannot let the lid be opened for fear that it could explode in their faces.

    AGIX is 60% shorted? Unbelieveable! Impossible! Absolutely crazy!

    As AGIX shares come on the market those short sellers must have to keep holding the lid down. They have to try to keep the AGIX price from going higher. They have to try to keep AGIX from a rally, or a "short-squeeze". What's the answer for them? The answer probably is by using more naked shorts. But that cannot go on much longer.

    Again, those shorts cannot stop the pressure from building even higher.

    Come Monday - Wow!

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