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  • stock_jock123 stock_jock123 May 3, 2007 12:46 PM Flag

    Think GREED and remember that "HOGS get slaughtered"!

    Hey, Shorty, Remember, "Hogs get slaughtered"!

    Atherogenics Inc. (AGIX) should be coming out with a statement shortly confirming its serious and advancing work on a diabetes/cardiovascular drug with an entirely new mechanism of action that improves the best current Standard of Care (SOC) in several huge drug market areas."

    Note: Diabetes treatment (the apparent near-term target for AGI-1067, AGIX's single major asset) is a huge and growing (and highly competitive) market due to epidemic of obesity, diabetes and related disorders.

    Those still shorting, when news announcements are officially delivered by AGIX headquarters, it could very easily spark a sharp move higher in this AGIX stock because Atherogenics Inc. (AGIX) is wound so very tight with all those 60% TO 70% shorts wanting to squeeze the last dime of profit from their short positions PROFITS, but constatntly anticipating the other shorts who might jump the gun and cover first. Once that happens you've really got one heck of a stampede to cover.

    Watch over your shoulder, shorty, the run up (even if temporarily "a rally" is very near).

    Remember, "Hogs get slaughtered"!

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