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  • financial_wiz2 financial_wiz2 May 10, 2007 3:39 AM Flag

    How high will the buying-spree-rally take this stock?

    How high will the buying-spree-rally take TCHC?

    This TCHC information found posted on the Web:

    Has the selling stopped for TCHC?
    Answer - Yes

    Is the stock now being quietly accumulated?
    It probably is being quietly accumulated (by insiders, MM's, and people in the know).

    What next for TCHC?
    Very, very soon, on some signal, the word will go out to buy TCHC "as many shares as you can buy".
    When that happens many will be amazed that TCHC is suddenly in major vogue again.
    With that, the volume of traded shares of TCHC will skyrocket and the share price of TCHC will rally very strongly.

    What is the current estimated high for TCHC?
    The estimated high for TCHC is listed as $18.00/share.

    How high will this rally take TCHC?
    This coming rally will take TCHC probably to $15 or $16/share. We could even see TCHC back near $20.00 with any positive word from the analysts.

    What about the regular TCHC dividend?
    The regular dividend will continue, and might be supplimented with an additional "bonus dividend" to be declared at the end of this weather season.

    Sentiment : Strong Buy


    expect a major bounce back rally for TCHC, and by this Friday the latest!

    These are the daily volume numbers from May 4 through May 9, 2207.

    9-May-07......... 284,000 shares traded
    8-May-07......... 942,300
    7-May-07......... 965,100
    4-May-07......... 2,601,000

    As you can see the volume numbers have been declining as fewer and fewer investors are willing to throw away their valuable TCHC shares at the current give-away prices. Starting tomorrow, imo, it will start costing buyers more and more as they try to buy TCHC shares in the market. From here forward it looks like a nice bounce back is coming for TCHC. I personally expect a major bounce back rally for 21st Century Holding Co.(TCHC), and it should happen by this Friday the latest!

    Sentiment : Strong Buy

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