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  • starsandstripes88888 starsandstripes88888 May 17, 2007 2:54 AM Flag

    Yes, this is why this stock is going to rally strongly higher!

    Yes, this is why the stock is going to rally strongly higher!

    This is why the stock is going to rally strongly higher!

    "21st Century Holding Company (TCHC) is currently on many short squeeze watch lists."

    They are citing TCHC's 'severe oversold conditions'.

    They expect TCHC's share price to rally alot higher by the end of THIS week!! (just two days from now)

    Furthermore, TCHC wants to see their stock rally, and they are putting in $5 Million to buy up their OWN shares because they know that their shares are under-valued.
    By buying up their own shares, they are 'removing'
    approx. 1/2 million shares from the open market float!

    "By this Friday's close TCHC share-holders will have big smiles for the weekend, fatter wallets, and richer portfolios."


    "Our management team and I believe that the company remains strong and well positioned for future growth and profitability," said Edward J. Lawson, chairman, CEO and president.


    Read this!

    "Florida's marketplace has become more competitive, but TCHC can still thrive there!"

    "You don't need new customers when you can charge existing base 2-3-400% more for less coverage. And to answer your question, new customers will come from Allstate, Nationwide, State Farm, and other insurers that are dropping, or non-renewing 100's of thousands of homeowner policies in Fla.!"

    TCHC can, and probably will, fill the gap - Successfully! Profitably!

    Those of you who are following TCHC, get ready for the next CC from TCHC. It could very easily duplicate or surpass the outstanding report that UVE just turned in.
    So you say TCHC can't do business in Florida and make a decent proft? Huh? Just look at what UVE just reported. TCHC is at least equal to, and probably IS a heck of alot better that UVE.
    So remember when TCHC says that it is going to come out with great earnings next reporting quarter, have an open mind and trust them a little bit more!

    This last quarter was a fluke for TCHC. If TCHC did not transfer $4.4 millions of its earning dollars into another in-house reserves account, then TCHC would have just reported another outstanding earnings quarter, last quarter, and we would not be seeing TCHC below 20.00, as it is is currently (and very temporarily!).

    This was the Press Release Source: Universal Insurance Holdings, Inc.

    Universal Insurance Holdings, Inc. Reports First Quarter 2007 Financial Results
    Tuesday May 15, 9:00 am ET
    Company Reports Earnings of $.30 Per Share Compared to $.09 Per Share for Prior Year First Quarter (On that news today UVE was up +22.70% today)


    Bradley I. Meier, President and Chief Executive Officer of UVE said: "Although the Florida marketplace has become more competitive in recent months, the Company has successfully combined both growth and profitability by writing rate adequate business." Mr. Meier added, "Based on the strength of both the Company's balance sheet and its infrastructure, we believe the Company is well-positioned in the Florida marketplace."

    Remember, "Florida's marketplace has become more competitive, but TCHC can and will still thrive there!"


    That is why TCHC is going to rally strongly higher!

    21st Century Holding Company (TCHC)

    Sentiment : Strong Buy

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