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  • collectedbooks collectedbooks May 20, 2007 11:31 PM Flag

    Nothing can stop the Dow...

    Economics is obsolete... Only a total dollar collapse can dent the relentless rise in the US markets. Oil would have to go to $100 per barrel to end this rally.

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    • the bulls have so hoodwinked themselves that if oil went to 100 they would say that that was a great sign, because it would cause a consumer slow down which would cause the federal reserve to lower interest rates which would be great for the stock market. its phunny, the bulls say if interest rates go up thats good for stocks and if interest rates go down thats good for stocks. sometimes ya just cant fight deluded thinking, you just gotta go in the opposite direction and pick up the bucks the staggering drunk has left behind...BWARR HARR HAR!!!

    • you must be smoking something.

      oil 100, dow 17000, xom, cat, etc will do very well, thus pushing the dow up. cheap dollar means more exports, so if dollar goes down 30% more, you will see dow up another 4000 points.

      At 15 PE, dow is still very cheap. Even dow at 20000, the pe is only 20. So, stop complaining and start buying.

      that said, I do buy puts to protect my longs....

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